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Making money online is possible for you!  Choose which option suits you best, from research stage, to wanting step-by-step marketing training. No product or experience necessary!

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Take your current business and help it grow by creating a perfect offer that sells online. Our Perfect Offer Blueprint will show you exactly how to create an offer that your customers are begging to purchase.

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Want more clients and customers?  Learn how to dramatically increase your profits on your next live webinar. There is a proven formula for doing this, come learn the 3 steps!

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Want personal help scaling your business?  Serious entrepreneurs who are ready for change are encouraged to schedule a free strategy session where we can help you get clarity on your next steps to success.

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What Are People Saying About Results 513?

  • “Results 513 has been instrumental in helping me build a firm foundation for online marketing. Once the foundation was laid my confidence soared, and I was able to win $5000 in my very first affiliate contest!”

    Emily Ulrich, Indiana USA



  • “I have seen a lot of programs and trainings in my 5 years as an internet marketer. When I found R513, I found the best community, and hands down the best training available. It taught me the full spectrum of what I needed to know in order to be successful and my business changed forever as a result!”

    Scott Ewart, Kentucky USA

  • “After having a successful online business for 15 years I was introduced to Results 513. It showed me a whole world of new possibilities to market myself and give me the confidence to do it on my own, that I never thought was possible. . . Yet they still keep it simple enough for anybody to understand!”

    Lissa Munson, Arizona USA

  • “The R513 training program is a “MUST DO” for anyone who is serious about building a long term internet business… Everything you need to be successful is within this program – the rest is up to you (and they’ll help you with that too!)”

    Daniel Ryan; Queensland, Australia

  • “All the other training courses I have been through before made me more confused. Since joining Result 513 I have started to build my confidence and have found the missing part of how to be successful with your online business.”

    Rita Malhotra, Southhampton, England

  • “Starting an online business was foreign to me. Other companies confused me, but R513 put the missing pieces into place. R513 is the best step by step training I needed to believe in myself and know YES, I CAN DO THIS!”

    Kimberly Adu Boaheng, Alberta, Cananda

  • “Just when I was at the breaking point, ready to give up on my dreams, I found Results513. The combination of reality based training, intense mentorship and a tight knit community has allowed me to break free. Brenda and Justin have one goal only….YOUR RESULTS!”

    Jason Legaard, Arizona, USA

  • “Results 513 has taken me from Completely Confused and Overwhelmed to Creating, Posting, Getting Leads, AND Making Money in a matter of days! It’s just amazing and so simple. Thanks Results 513 You’ve changed my future!”

    Teresa Schimandle, California USA

  • “I was on the verge of giving up on my purpose with no path to follow. Yet, with a supportive community and the structure that R513 has provided, I’ve been able to confidently co-create both a personal development product and begin the creation of a podcast with my business partner. RESULTS!”

    Eddie Aguilar, Arizona, USA

Our Featured "Perfect Offer Blueprint":

Offer Creation Secrets

Learn how to increase your prices AND make more sales when you use this specific formula to create your perfect, irresistible offer your audience will love!


Work With Justin And Brenda

Brenda and Justin are committed to your success if you are willing to take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams.  They care about your results and will go the extra mile to help you build your own 6 and 7 figure business.

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