Improve Your Network With These 3 Steps, And You’ll Increase Your Net Worth!

Have you heard the saying: “Increase your network, and you’ll increase your net worth?

It’s a popular saying, and one that makes sense on the surface… but how do you really go about doing it the correct way? Because let’s face it, just by connecting up with more people doesn’t really correlate to making more money…

It’s not the amount of people you know, but it’s WHO you know!  I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before right?

It was Jim Rohn, a famous motivational speaker, who said “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

I heard this in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and found it very profound.  I also found it to be very true, as I sat an pondered who were my 5 people that I hung out with the most… and then figured out what their typical income and life attitude was…

I couldn’t deny the fact that I was absolutely a mirror image of them. If I wanted to change my life and become a better version of myself, then I needed to start associating myself with those who are actually doing what I wanted to do.

So how do you Increase Your Net Worth?

Below are 3 simple steps to improve your network and as that grows in these ways, you’ll definitely start to see an increase in your net worth

Because yes – your network is absolutely influential to everything in your life (even though you may not realize it)

1. Start hanging out with millionaires if you want to be one!
If you want to be a millionaire, or even if you just  want to double or triple your income, you definitely want to learn the REAL secrets that the millionaires have!  I know when I first heard this advice, I thought to myself “Ummm….where do all the millionaires hang out?  If I don’t know any, how can I hang out with them?!”

It’s a common question, but here’s the first step… Think of your surrounding 5 people in terms of people who’s voices you hear the most.  Then start to surround yourself with the voices of millionaires.  Find some leaders in your industry, and/or find some successful mentors and go look them up on Youtube.  Or better yet, invest in yourself and purchase their audios and video trainings.  You don’t have to physically know them right away, but if you listen to their words and learn their thoughts and perspectives, it will start to rub off on you faster than you think.

2.  Put yourself in a position to meet up with a successful mentor as soon as you can. 
“Wealth by association” is a real thing.  If you can get close to someone who is a leader in your industry, do whatever you can to get a picture or interview with them.  When people see you together with someone of influence, their natural tendency is to see you associated with them, and that instantly raises their perception of you.  Use this to your advantage and take any opportunity you have to be in the vicinity of where they are.  Pay for a ticket to a seminar and get the VIP option to get close to them.  It’s absolutely worth it in the long run.

3. Take opportunities to ask questions from those who have had success before you, and be willing to learn and take their advice. 

See this picture… There’s 9 multi-millionaires in that picture. However, when that conversation actually happened, there were only 4.  The conversations that took place over that mastermind weekend were responsible for millions of dollars and lifetime relationships. 

See millionaires aren’t a select group of people that keep all their secrets to themselves.  It’s the complete opposite. The reality is, successful people love sharing their secrets and want more people to follow in their footsteps… However the problem is that most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed.  There’s a lot of room at the top if you’re willing to work!

So ask yourself right now – “What can I do to increase my network, so I can increase my net worth?”

The quickest way I can recommend is to invest in yourself, learn the strategies of those who are successful, and get around them in person as fast as possible.

The success journey becomes shorter when you can see through their eyes, because they’re further along than you are.

About 6 years ago, I realized that I didn’t know, what I didn’t know about online success…

I also realized there were people that did know what I didn’t know… and I wanted to be around them so I could learn as fast as possible.

I invested in a product and a community that is still turning out 7 figure earners to this day.

If you want a shortcut to success in this industry, click the link below and see the 3 step formula we are teaching people to achieve success faster than they thought possible, and without spending 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars to get started.  In fact you can get started without any of your own money upfront if you choose.

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Below is a video that explains this network vs. net worth philosophy perfectly…

Justin and I are friends with a lot of internet marketers and we wanted to increase our value in the market place last year so we held a “Results Summit’  There were some amazing nuggets that came from this series, and you’ll see a lot of them in this quick teaser that we created as we were had way through the event.

If you noticed there wasn’t one person in that video that said everything came easy to them and without struggle.  What they did say is that they had a mentor showing them the way…

I would say that the 5 person rule is extremely accurate, so if you don’t have 5 people right now working hard on their dreams and achieving the success you want… CLICK HERE to see how easy it can be to copy exactly what we do to earn income on the side AND get a lot more than 5 people in your circle of influence today!

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