3 Strategies To Increase Your Leads and Sales – And Why The Traffic Source Matters!

There’s 1 question that I tend to get asked a lot by new online marketers, and it’s “What’s a good conversion rate for my capture page”

You’d think there would be a simple answer to this… but honestly, that’s just not the case.  There’s A LOT that goes on behind the “marketing scenes” to make the infamous ‘Online Marketing Funnel’ convert into instant leads and sales.  There’s psychological aspects that come into play, as well as the specific traffic strategies that are being used to achieve the leads and sales.

To help answer this question I cut this quick video to give you 3 strategies to help you get better conversions (which equal leads and sales) with your online marketing.  If you’re looking for some ideas to help you build your business onilne, watch this video and implement these strategies today… I’m pretty sure you’ll love the results!

You can grab the “Triple Your Traffic” cheat sheet I mention in the video here.

I’d love to hear your comments below, and which ideas you’re going to start implementing right away!

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2 Responses to “3 Strategies To Increase Your Leads and Sales – And Why The Traffic Source Matters!”

  1. Sandy Armstrong Says:

    Thanks Brenda!
    I totally related to what you said about detaching from my sells funnel. It is not easy to look at objectively from an outside point of view. So, that was a great idea to have a non-biz friend critique it.


  2. Shiffon Says:

    Wow Brenda this was fantastic. This really clears up a lot of stuff, and shows me some of the places I can tweak. Also I see this really is a system and a science to conversions and it starts with knowing where you client is coming from in their head… Thanks this was amazing.


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