The Results 513 Show, Episode 099: The 5 Business GAME CHANGERS (Lesson 4 of 5)

April 8, 2016

The Results 513 Show


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4 Heads Show FocusWhen it comes to business, I believe there are 5 main lessons that every successful entrepreneur MUST understand.

This is Lesson 4 of 5. It’s simple, but VERY powerful… so, don’t let it fool you. (Lesson 1: Episode 78, Lesson 2: Episode 85, Lesson 3: Lesson 92).

Here’s the short story…

I was recently interviewed for the Fearless and Healthy Podcast.

But during that interview, Ian (the host of the show) asked me a few questions that got me thinking…

Specifically, this question got me thinking the most…

“If you could go back in time knowing what you know now about business, what advice would you give your younger self?”

And, although, I can’t remember exactly how I worded it, it was something like this…

“Fail as fast as you can.”

It’s within those times of failure, that you learn the true lessons that shape the rest of your life.

I thought about it more after the interview was over, and I was reminded about a blog post I wrote a while back on a similar topic. It was a pretty epic post, (I’ll link back to it in the Takeaway section of this episode).

…as I read back through it, I remembered how powerful these lessons were. I was inspired to start a 5-part series, covering those 5 lessons in detail right here on the Results 513 Show.

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Lesson #4:  Start Being Proactive

Being proactive is the exact opposite of being reactive.

When you are proactive, you are in control of your circumstances. (When you are reactive your circumstances are in control of you).

If you are not proactive, you will automatically be reactive.

So what does being proactive look like to me?

ProactiveWhen problems come up, I consciously decide to focus on the solution – this causes my MARM to start looking for every possible solution available… and guide me towards a solution.

I also focus on my strengths – this causes my MARM to look for ways to use my strengths to overcome any challenge. It will find opportunities and automatically capitalize on them.

I also focus on my courage – this causes my MARM to remind me of past successes while strengthening my will and resolve. It amplifies my focus and helps me overcome any fear that may be lingering.


  • Learn to shift your focus to retrain your MARM to be proactive.
  • Read the original post on this topic here.
  • Tune into the #513Show tomorrow where we will be discussing How to be More Consistent.

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