5 Online Traffic Sources You Can Use When Getting Started Marketing Online

5 trafficAre you wondering which online traffic sources are best for you?

When it comes to the internet and advertising your business, there are a few big name sites that first come to mind.  Obviously there’s your top dog site Google with their pay per click paid option.  Likewise, Bing is right behind with their own PPC marketing options.  You’ve got Facebook and YouTube that you are probably already aware of, but this is where the marketing list usually ends for a lot of people… Which is unfortunate!  The perception is that online traffic is expensive…and Yes, that can be the case where you lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing…but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

There are MANY online traffic sources where you can find good quality traffic… you just need to know what they are!

If you’re new to internet marketing, you don’t want to hang out in the top dog playground anyway.  It’s competitive and expensive and you can loose a lot of money right away without the proper training.  And if you happen to be in the home based business or make money online niche, there are TONS of hoops you have to jump through to have your sites be compliant and approved for Google and Bing (and now starting with Facebook as well.)  Not to mention you’re paying for real estate  on the side of the page which is now associated with a little thing called “Banner Blindness”.

In this new day and age of information overload, our brain is constantly being bombarded with information.  To cope with this, our brain is being trained to tell the difference between an advertisement and “real” information.  Social media sites are picking up on this new fact, and are creating new marketing strategies that are working very well (more on this in just a bit).  But the big dogs, with their search marketing, are having a hard time combating this issue so far.

Just check out this heat-map study from the Neilsen Norman Group which shows the range of where people are looking on the website.  See all that activity in the middle left of the page?  That’s the free organic stuff that shows up.  See all that empty space to the right – that’s where the paid ads are (which are expensive and competitive).  People recognize that the right side is advertising and they don’t even look over there!

google heatmap
Well if you’re anything like me, if I’m spending money on marketing, I’d rather have my marketing efforts actually be seen and clicked on right?

So what are these other online traffic sources that are inexpensive, simple to get started and still effective?

The list below goes over some of the easiest online traffic sources that you will want to be aware of when getting started marketing online:

#1 Facebook PPC
Even though I mentioned Facebook above with the top dogs, it’s still a GREAT place to market because let’s face it, your audience is over there!  And to their credit, Facebook has done a great job in the last few months really trying to make their ad platform a lot more user friendly and consistent. Facebook is allowing marketers to tap into their massive database they’ve occurred and help you optimize your ads to make sure you’re reaching the right audience… and this is a good thing.

See, Facebook realized the hard way that people are going to leave their platform if too many ads litter their personal news feeds.  No one wants to see advertisements when they’re surfing for friend’s comments and watching funny videos.  SoFacebook-silhouette Facebook is now doing a great job giving suggestions to marketers and making their default marketing campaigns look like regular social media posts.  When you craft your marketing ads in a similar fashion to your regular fun social posts, the results sky-rocket.  So its now easier than ever for a new marketer to get started on FB and get good results with their ads.

#2 Facebook Organic
Facebook is just too big to leave out the organic side of things.  Many people think that you have to PAY for all your advertising, when in fact that just isn’t true.  Free posts that give value to your audience is a great way to help peak interest and get people to check out your products or offers.  As long as you’re giving good value in your posts and you’re keeping integrity with the normal Facebook post style, you’re going to get people interested just through your free efforts.  (Now that being said, don’t be too surprised in the near future if you have to start paying for your posts to reach your fan base… FB’s gotta make their money and they are finding ways to to that everyday!)  Create a fan page, grow your list of followers and learn their demographics using Facebook’s “insights” report.  You’ll find a lot about your followers and can continue to interact with them and grow bigger everyday.

instagram-spring-#3 Instagram
Instagram isn’t just for selfies and sunsets anymore… There are a lot of great marketers making hundreds of sales daily on Instagram- just by posting pictures!  This new mobile media is really growing for serious entrepreneurs because they realize that it’s important to stay where their prospects are.  Even though you can’t actually hyperlink inside of an Instagram post, there are many effective ways to post that generate followers and interest in you and your product/offer on this mobile platform.  This online traffic source is definitely for those who like to be creative because there are a lot of apps that make your images fun and inspiring to your audience!  Create an interesting and engaging profile description, put your main website link in your profile and tell people to checkout your profile for more information in your daily posts.  Your profile link is where you can hyperlink out to your website to gain interest!

solo#4 Solo Ads
Solo ads can get a bad rap, but it’s not the marketing method that gets less than desirable results… it’s the  solo ad vendors that you have to watch out for.  Many vendors are excellent and take care of their email lists.  But unfortunately there are a lot of vendors who can take your money and deliver your ad clicks to less than desirable areas or burnt out lists… and you get nothing for your money.  So before you decide to purchase a solo ad, make sure you check them out personally by subscribing to their lists and seeing what type of emails they send out.  It’s a good idea to check their references of people who have used them, and see if they would use them again.   Not familiar with what a solo ad is? Simply put, you’re renting another marketers email list and they are sending an email to their list promoting your product.  This online traffic source is a very simple and easy way to get traffic to your site!

linkedinsuit#5 Linkedin
Consider this site as Facebook with a suite and tie… if Facebook was wearing jeans.  It’s similar in nature since it’s a social site, but the demographics consists of business owners only.  The idea here is to network and find others business owners with whom you can have a beneficial relationship with.  But yes, it’s also a great place to market your business especially if your niche deals with other business owners. Just like Facebook, Linkedin has a social organic side of posting inside groups and daily posts, as well as a great PPC (pay per click) ad platform you can use.  So if you are in the business to business space, this is a great online traffic source to come over and master to get more leads and sales for your own business!

#6 Twitter
I know it’s only supposed to be 5 sources in this post, but I like to over-deliver, and Twitter just can’t be left out of this line up.  Twitter tends to be a platform that people either love or hate for whatever reason.  But for those who happen to love Twitter… they’re on it all the time!  Which is a good thing if your a marketer!  Twitter is a real time feed, so it’s constantly changing, and with the micro-blog format, you only have 140 characters to get your point across.  Like both Facebook and Linkedin, Twitter also has the option for paid ads as well, which gives you a lot of options when trying to build your following and get leads.

These 5 online traffic sources are great place to get started because they’re all very user friendly!

Most of these options don’t cost a lot to use them.  Everyone has a free option, and all but instagram (as of writing this article) has a paid option if you want to jump start your results.  Obviously you have to know how to navigate the sites because they’re all different, but that’s where proper training comes into play.

… But I can’t have this post about online traffic sources without mentioning a few others in the mix…Blogging, Video marketing, and Email marketing can also be HUGE avenues to get traffic to your site.  These can also be incorporated very well with any media you chose from the 5 online traffic sources you choose above as well.  These methods tend to be a little slower and more complicated to get started, but it’s something you want to keep in mind while growing your online presence.

So which of these online traffic sources is the best for you?

…The one you’ll actually do!

Yes, it doesn’t matter which one you pick.  As long as you stay focused and learn the proper techniques for marketing on that specific site, you’ll get results in the form of leads.  But you have to know how to approach each method and the best way to tie them together AND not to spend hours coming up with your content to post each day.

Good thing we’ve got you covered and can help you with our Triple Your Traffic Cheat Sheet!

If you’re looking to find some great online traffic sources that will generate leads and sales for your business, we have created a special Cheat Sheet called “Triple Your Traffic”.  It’s an excellent way for you to lean how to get more eyeballs on your site without spending an extra dime on advertising.  Click the image below to grab your free cheat sheet right now:

triple traffic logo dl


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  1. Wendy Says:

    Thanks for sharing (and over delivering)some great information to help everyone, but especially those who are new and not sure what to focus on first. I was just told it doesn’t matter which one you pick, you just need to pick one and master it before adding another.


    • Brenda Gagne Says:

      You’re exactly right Wendy! Just pick the first one that interests you the most and start there! Too many people jump around. Pick one, stay there until you get results!


  2. Patty Edgecombe Says:

    Thanks Brenda,
    This information is much needed by everyone especially new marketers trying to get started.
    Great article and you over delivered as usual.


  3. Glenn Watson Says:

    Hi Brenda…. thanks for sharing this information today. I loved your question about which traffic source is the best one for me? The one I actually do! And I could add… the one I actually try more than once 😉


  4. Brenda Gagne Says:

    Right Glenn! It doesn’t matter what you choose if you don’t actually do it! So once you decide, you’re are exactly right with your comment – you must do it CONSISTENTLY if you want to get the results you’re hoping for! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  5. MichaelO Says:

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