5 Powerful Lessons Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Learn

October 6, 2015

Amazing Entrpreneurship

5 Powerful Lessons

You-have-greatness-within-you-mmLes Brown says it best…

You have greatness inside of you…

I believe that to be true.

We all have amazing things inside of us…  Things that we need (and want) to get out to the world.

That’s exactly what this post will help you do.

I’ve been in this business for 8 years, and during that time I’ve been incredibly blessed. I’ve grown 2 businesses from scratch to over $1Million in sales. I’m currently working on my 3rd.

I’ve learned countless lessons on my journey as an entrepreneur.

I was recently thinking about many of those lessons, and thought it would be cool to share with you the 5 that have had the biggest impact on my life and business.


So with that being said… Here are 5 lessons that have served me the best over the years.

I’ll list them all out here for you first, and then dive deeper into each one of them…

  1. keep things simple
  2. eliminate energy vampires
  3. stop being reactive
  4. start being proactive
  5. master self awareness

OK, here we go… got your notepad ready?

Lesson #1: Keep Things Simple

simplicityThis is one of those things that I wish someone would’ve told me about earlier.

The simpler your business …

  • the less headaches you will have
  • the less stuff can break or go wrong

This is something I’ve been trying to do for the last few years. I’ve really been focusing a lot of my time and energy on it. In fact, it’s pretty much been my mantra that every time we go to do something new…

…it MUST be as simple as possible!

This has served me well. If i were to measure the level of complexity my business has today vs what it looked like 2 or 3 years ago… Or even just last year at this time… It was COMPLETELY different!

Today, my business model is super simple.

I don’t know about you, but for me… the simpler things are in my life… the less stress I have.

I got into this business so that I could spend as much time with whoever I want, whenever i want, wherever we want, without ever having to worry about money…

A simple business model is key for making that a reality.

Many of my entrepreneurial friends have built really complex businesses that prevent them from doing those type of things… I prefer to keep things simple.

Here’s a simple process that entrepreneurs can follow to simplify their business…simple2

Step #1 – Identify the things in your business you ARE happy with.

Here are a few different areas in your business that you want to look at. (if any of them don’t apply to you, just ignore them — and add any that I may have missed.)

  • Look at your marketing funnels – are they profitable? If not, what would it take to make them profitable? From there, determine whether or not you want to put in the work to make the profitable, or if it’s better off getting rid of them.
  • Are you happy with the products and/or services you are selling? It may be time to re-think them.
  • Are your email series up to date and performing the way you want them to?
  • What people in your life and business make you happy? (think customers, employees, partners, etc)
  • Are you happy with the hours you are working? How about the hours of operation? (if storefront)
  • What parts of your schedule are you happy with?
  • What domains do you no longer need? If you’re not using them, get rid of them!
  • Are you happy with your overall responsibilities in your business? If not, now’s the time to make the change.

Step #2 – Identify the things in your business that you are NOT happy with.

Now look at all those examples, and identify the areas that you are NOT happy with. When I do this, I always ask the question: “What things am I tolerating right now?”

Step #3 – Make a plan of action to eliminate the things you are not happy with.

Action-PlanHow will you eliminate the things that you are NOT happy with? If they seem impossible to eliminate right now, consider the question: “What can I do right now to make this a more enjoyable (or less painful) experience for me?”

Step #4 – Eliminate them

Start taking action on your elimination plan. Simple as that. An action plan on paper doesn’t bring in any money now does it?

Strive to eliminate at least one thing per day for the next 7 days. (it’s way easier than it sounds …try it and see for yourself)

Step #5 – Change the rules going forward

Simply put, you have the power to determine how simple or complex your business becomes.

And once you put in the effort to simplify things in your business, it will be much easier to adapt the “simple is better” mindset into everything you do.

I’ll give you an example…

At one point while I was writing this exact post I was tempted to stop writing it… and instead hire a content creator. (Aren’t you glad I decided to finish the post instead?)now-hiring

Here’s how that almost happened…

Truth is, I don’t particularly enjoy the process of writing.

My preferred method of content creation is audio. Generally speaking, it’s a mobile/user friendly platform and you can do it naked… (…if you’re into that sort of thing) You could also do it sitting on the toilet. I actually heard Perry Belcher once say that he created an entire audio product sitting on the toilet.

Point is, it wouldn’t matter if you did… nobody would ever know… With audio only content, you don’t have the “prep work” that comes with video.

Here’s what my ideal content creation flow looks like this…

  1. I outline the content on a topic I choose.
  2. I record the content in the form of an audio, and send it to my “content creator”.
  3. The content creator then listens to that audio, turns it into a high quality blog post, and schedules the post to be published.

Right now it’s just me doing all that stuff, but that’s the plan in the near future. (In fact, let me “kill 2 birds with one stone” here, and say that if you think you would like to be my “content creator” let me know:

Ultimately, I decided against it because getting this post out to you was more important.  Plus I really didn’t feel like going through the process of figuring out exactly what i want them to do, writing out the job description, and creating the job post(s), etc…

Actually, if I’m being honest… I did start writing out the job posting ad.

I stopped myself after about a minute or two though. I recognized that I was making things more complicated than I needed to…

About 6 months ago I put a “lead or gold” rule in place that says, before I do ANYTHING in business I always ask the question, “is this simplifying my business or making it more complex?”

Asking this one question has kept me from starting several new projects that ultimately would’ve ended up being major distractions for me down the road.

What’s a “lead or gold” decision you say?

lead_and_goldBack in the day when the mafia needed to get a new law passed, they would sneak into the law makers house in the middle of the night, hold a gun to their head and say “lead or gold” … Basically they gave them the choice to pass the law and accept their bribe of gold, or die right then and there from lead to the head.

So in my business when there is something that is non-negotiable. (like a deadline or a process) we call it “lead or gold” …

So as I was writing the ad, I caught myself and asked that question. Turns out my answer was yes… In that moment, I was actually making things way more complicated than they needed to be.

Here was my compromise: Keep things simple, and record all my future content in a way in which I’m most comfortable creating my content, (which for me is audio).

From there, I can just embed those audios onto the blog, and let my content be consumed that way. That’s the simple way for me to ensure that content gets published often. Hiring someone is the complex way.


All that being said, keep this in mind…

While audio is my preferred method of creating content, I know that not everyone in my audience prefers audio. In fact, the audience that I end up attracting with this very post may very well prefer text over audio… That way they can scan the material at their own desired speed.

And if that’s what my audience prefers, that’s what I will give them.

So, if you’d like to be my content creator, let me know…  If you’ve read this entire post so far, you know exactly what I’m looking for. (if interested email me:

Hey… what’ya know… Looks like the whole “hire a content writer” idea may come to fruition anyway huh?

Lesson #2: Eliminate Energy Vampires

Lesson #2, is all about protecting your energy.  Whether you realize it or not, most of us have plenty of things robbing us of our energy.

Everything we do, everyone we meet, every environment we place ourselves in… all these things either give us more energy or take away energy from us.

The ones that take it away, are called Energy Vampires.

We all have them, and we all need to get rid of them.

They will hold you back and keep you from accomplishing your hearts desires if not eliminated.

How To Eliminate Energy Vampires

Step 1: Identify them

vampire-boundariesJust like anything else in life, before you can eliminate them, you need to identify them. Make a list of the people, things, places, circumstances, etc that you know are taking energy away from you.

Anything that you are unsure of, write it down on the list anyway. (Basically anything that makes you feel more stressed or tired after dealing with it/them)… you can change your mind if you want to keep if later on in this process.

Step 2: Make your plan of attack

Once you have identified everything that is potentially sucking your energy from you, it’s time to start thinking about how you can eliminate them, one by one. (or all at once if possible for you)

Step 3: Execute your plan

Stick to your plan and eliminate everything that is taking your energy, and not providing anything for you in return. Some of these decisions may be hard to make… (like if you know a friend or family member is draining your energy).

…But you can ask anyone who has ever went through this process, it’s something worth doing.

By freeing up this extra energy you will feel better, get more done, and as a result make more money.

So make your list of energy vampires and start taking them out one at a time.

Here’s a graphic from outlining 8 more ways to deal with energy vampires.


Lesson #3: Stop Being Reactive

The third lesson is extremely important, because it prevents many entrepreneurs from ever stepping into their full potential… and most of them don’t even have a clue that it’s happening.

The M.A.R.M.

In order for me to explain the concept of “reactive” vs “proactive”, you need to first understand (and accept) the fact that your mind is very powerful. It has the ability to automatically search your subconscious mind and recall the information you need when you need / request it.

GoogleSteroids5It’s like Google on steroids.

Here’s proof: What was your kindergarten teachers name?

The answer just seems to spring out of nowhere. From deep within your subconscious mind, with all the resources you posses, the answer to that question was identified, brought to the surface, and given to you, all within a fraction of a second.

This is one of the most powerful mechanics of your mind.

It’s called the M.A.R.M. (Minds Automatic Recall Machine) I learned about this powerful part of my mind in a course called Alpha Influence. In fact, that’s where much of what I am teaching you now originated from. It’s a great course, and I believe that every entrepreneur needs to go through it quarterly.

I’ll talk more about the M.A.R.M in future posts, but for now just know that mastering this part of your mind will be one of the best decisions you ever make. (It has been for me and countless others)

Point blank: Your ability to control your M.A.R.M. will allow you to make your wildest dreams come true… literally.

The Problem With Your M.A.R.M

The problem with your M.A.R.M. is that it is unable to discern the difference between good and not so good. So when you need / request something from your unconscious, your M.A.R.M. will sometimes bring up old fears, limiting beliefs, or unwanted resources from the past – that don’t serve you today.

That’s when you have the opportunity to be either reactive or proactive. (which will be the next 2 big lessons that I want to talk about right now)

First, let’s talk about what it looks like to be reactive…

ProactiveVSReactive-620x330When you are reactive, you are a slave to everything around you.

Most people are reactive and do not have control over their mind.

They think they do, but they do not.

Most people’s “default” response in life, is set to negative. Is yours? If so, that’s OK… I’m about to show you how to change that.

For some people it takes years of hard work and effort to switch your automatic response from negative to positive… For others, it takes just a split second. It’s really just a decision.

What to do when shit hits the fan.

Growing up there was this saying that I always thought was funny… “When shit hits the fan”. That was our version of “Houston, we have a problem”. It meant things were not going well AT ALL.

So let me ask you a question…

What do YOU focus on when shit hits the fan?

  • Do you focus on the problem itself, and how bad it is, or how tired you are of dealing with it?
  • Do you focus on the limitations? Why you’re not good enough or why you don’t have everything you need in order to be successful?
  • Do you focus on the fears? What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m NOT good enough?

When you focus on the bad, your M.A.R.M. will look for other problems, challenges, limitations, etc. It will amplify the problem, challenge, or limitation… Making things worse.

Here are a few tips to help make the switch from reactive to proactive:

First, you need to identify the negative thoughts as they occur.

You do this by being self aware. (more on this in lesson #5) The more aware you are, the easier it is to step into your full potential. I’ll talk about this more when we get to lesson #5. For now, ponder this awesome quote…

I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them.”

step-into-your-powerSo like I said… The first step is to “catch” the negative thoughts and patterns as you see them occur.

Make a mental note of them… Or better yet, write them down.

This is called being proactive. I’ll expand on this in the next lesson.

For now, there is still one more step you need to take.

If you agree with what I’ve said up until this point, and you are ready to make a change in your mindset once and for all… it’s as simple as answering yes to the following question:
(I recommend answering yes out loud)

Are you ready for the question?

OK, here it is…

Question: Are you ready for … God / the Universe / Your higher self (whatever term you chose to use here is fine) …to reveal to you any negative patterns, thoughts, or things that you may be doing (consciously or unconsciously) that are holding you back, and preventing you from achieving all that you were meant to achieve?

YES or NO?

Answer out loud, and re-read the question in the affirmative. (eg. “yes, I am ready for God to reveal to me …”)

It’s as simple as that…

Your next step is to continue reading this post.

By consciously answering yes to that question, here’s what you can expect…

You’re going to start noticing a lot more negative stuff come up on a daily basis. Perhaps even many times per day on some days. This is normal.

Here’s how to handle that negative stuff as it comes up… (and get rid of it once and for all)

First things first… When you first notice that things are going in the wrong direction, Stop and take a few deep breaths. Calm down. Center yourself. Be in the moment.

First-Love-YourselfRealize and acknowledge that this negative feeling is a part of you … You love yourself, don’t you? Of course you do. You wouldn’t decide one day to cut off one of your limbs, or take out one of your organs just because, would you? Of course not!

So show yourself some love when things start to go bad… Take control of your mind. Don’t go down that road. Breathe. Stay calm.

The negativity that comes to the surface is just a part of you that is ready to be healed. By answering YES to the question earlier, you asked to be made aware the negativity, and here it is…Ask and you shall receive.

But there is still one step left that you must take in order for this to work best. And that is: You must release the negative thought, limiting belief, pattern or story. Let it go. It doesn’t serve you.

Letting the bad stuff go.

So now that you are aware of the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and patterns that are no longer serving you, the next step is to let them go.

To do that simply take a few deep breaths, and answer the following questions out loud (or in your head) …

  • Can I release it?
  • Will I release it?
  • When will I release it?

Then release it into the light.

Actually close your eyes, and visualize releasing this limiting thought, belief, or pattern into a massive white light.

I avoided this for a while, but the first time I finally did this it was amazing! I felt that awesome cleansing / refreshed feeling throughout my entire being. The kind of feeling you have after a really good cry or a really exhilarating workout. That feeling like you can do anything.

That’s the way it felt for me… it may feel the same or totally different for you.

Health-Wellness-Quotes-Healing-Release-From-Fear-Sagewood-Wellness-CenterAlso: I was by myself with my eyes closed and I held my hands up in the air as I “released” this negativity into the light. So if you feel compelled to move your body in anyway during this process, that’s totally fine. Nobody’s gonna judge you for it. 😉

One final idea …

Keep track of how many negative thoughts you catch and fix during the day.

This is a good exercise to do if you don’t feel like you are making progress fast enough.

Lesson #4: Start Being Proactive

Being proactive is the exact opposite of being reactive.

When you are proactive, you are in control of your circumstances. (When you are reactive your circumstances are in control of you)

If you are not proactive, you will automatically be reactive.

So what does being proactive look like to me?

ProactiveWhen problems come up, I consciously decide to focus on the solution – this causes my M.A.R.M. to start looking for every possible solution available… and guide me towards a solution.

I also focus on my strengths – this causes my M.A.R.M. to look for ways to use my strengths to overcome any challenge. It will find opportunities and automatically capitalize on them.

I also focus on my courage – this causes my M.A.R.M. to remind me of past successes while strengthening my will and resolve. It amplifies my focus and helps me overcome any fear that may be lingering.

Lesson #5: Master Self Awareness

Gary Vaynerchuk claims that this fifth and final lesson is one of the most important qualities that entrepreneurs can develop.

I happen to agree.

And if you are an enlightened entrepreneur, you know especially well how important it is to be self aware.

Here’s the first video of Gary talking about the importance of self awareness:

How To Be More Self Aware:

I study this topic A LOT, so I’m sure I’ll expand on it in future posts.

Here’s the short version for now.

First things first…

Watch the follow up video that Gary V just recently published… (hint: he mentions the first step to take in order to become self aware)

So understanding what you are good at, and what you are bad at is key.

One think you can do to help you become more self aware, is to journal regularly. This is an excellent practice to start if you are not doing it already. Journaling is one of the best practices I’ve ever adapted in my life.

(I’ll do a post in the future about the specific impact it’s had on my life, and how it’s helped me to get up to 30X more stuff done during my day.)

If the idea of writing everyday scares you, start by getting the 5 minute journal. It’s a great first step to get you in the habit of looking at a few key things each day.

Here are a few questions to answer every morning in your journal:

  • What are 3 things I am grateful for …
  • What are 3 things that would make today great?
  • Give 2 or 3 affirmations for the day

Questions to answer at the end of your day:

  • What were 3 amazing things that happened today…
  • How could I have made today better?

If you want to experience this first hand, here’s my challenge to you:

90daychallengeFor the next week, take 5 minutes each day to write down your answer to the above questions… and then come back to this post and leave me a comment, telling me about your experience.

A Genius Log…

Another thing you can do to become more self aware is keep a genius log.

Whether you realize it or not, there is a certain time of the day when you are “at your best”.

During this time, you are able to get the most work done, and make the most progress in your business.

When you are aware of this particular time of day, you can make some MAJOR progress in your business.

Typically, during this time you can make more “real” progress in your business, than you make during the entire rest of the day.

This specific time is when it’s easiest for you to stay focused.

That’s the time when ideas just seem to flow.

bestSELFEven if you don’t think this magical time period exists for you… it does. You may just not be aware of it when it happens (for many different reasons). That’s why this ‘self-awareness’ exercise is good to do.

I’ll tell you how to figure out how to find your “peak time” in a minute.

But first I need to tell you why it’s good to know when YOUR time is…

Because there is one thing that can destroy this time of “flow” …distraction

Once you KNOW when your ideal time is, it’s a good idea to make sure you eliminate ALL distractions around that time, and get in 60-90 minute hyper-focused block of work.

Since this is your peak time, it makes sense to do your most highly leveraged activities during this time. (ie. creating content, calling on customers, etc)

So how do you do it?

genius-hourKeep a genius log…

I talk about exactly how I do this here in this post.

Tomorrow, set your alarm to go off every 20 minutes or so…

When it goes off, pull out your genius log and write down 3 things…

  1. the time
  2. what you are doing
  3. how easy or effortless it is (rate it from 1-10)

Do this for 3 days straight and it will become obvious what times of the day you are at your best.

Then make it a point to eliminate distractions during those times, and get some good work done.

Let’s Recap…

So there you have it…

These are the 5 most valuable lessons that I’ve learned during the past 8 years of business. 

  1. keep things simple
  2. eliminate energy vampires
  3. stop being reactive
  4. start being proactive
  5. master self awareness

Apply them in your business, and I guarantee you that you will love the results!

Final Thoughts & Next Steps…

Your next steps:

Step 1: Click the button below to book your free strategy session while there still available. (if booking window does NAT pop up, click here to book your session)

Step 2: Answer the 8 simple questions when you are redirected. This helps me to be best prepared for our call. If you are not redirected after you book, click here.

Step 3: Leave a comment down below. (what was your biggest takeaways from this post? Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part?)

Step 4: Share this blog post with your audience. (they will thank you for it)

Until next time,

Justin Glover

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I would like to send a very special message of thanks to Ryan Angelo. Thank you buddy for everything you have done for me over the past year. You are truly accomplishing your mission of leading leaders my friend. This post would not be possible if it weren’t for you.

I’d also like to say thank you to God for all of the help I received from the spiritual realm while learning these lessons, and as I was putting together this post. I’m looking forward to the amazing journey that lies ahead.


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  1. shiffon gray Says:

    Wow powerful Thanks Nothing more need to be said on this one…


    • Justin Glover Says:

      Thanks Shiffon! Glad you got value from it… What was your biggest takeaway?


      • Shiffon Says:

        Well Justin this post was so powerful I had to go back and read it as well as listen to your audio. so many thing hit me at one time… But I will address what stood out to me…

        1. energy vampires
        I like helping a lot of people but realize I can’t help them all and have to let the energy drainers go…

        2. Keep it simple
        it seems as though if it is more complicated it is the more overwhelming it is and that is where I get stuck ( breakthrough) there

        3. becoming more self aware
        checking more how I react to things and why going deeper as it were…

        conclusion :

        I will be checking myself on these three mentioned above daily…

        I really get great breakthrough in your posts and pick up lots of NINJA TIPS … But I think this is the best post you have every done… This is a gold mine here… I can see this turning into an entire platform of itself…

        Thanks for the value you give…:)


  2. Valev Kaldoja Says:

    Great blog post! Especially i liked How to stop being reactive. Thanks Justin!


  3. Igor Kheifets Says:

    Wholeheartedly agree on all points mentioned in this article, Justin.

    Recently I’ve been diving deep into self awareness myself and what I learned shocked me. More important, the moment I was able to identify about myself, just the mere act of realizing I was reactive allowed me to become proactive.

    Same thing all setbacks and destructive habits — the moment I was comfortable to admit to myself they existed, they lost control over me.

    Saving to my favorites 🙂


    • Justin Glover Says:

      Absolutely man… Self awareness is HUGE! Once you are aware of what your mind is doing on it’s own, you then have the power to make it do something else that serves you better. Thanks for the comment my man!


    • Shiffon Says:

      Igor the more you recognize the more power you will gain and the less those things will have a hold of you. I totally get what you are saying and congrats on your progress.


  4. Ryan Turner Says:

    I think Justin hits on something I didn’t realize when first starting out in business. That it is ok to turn down work if it lies outside your core competencies or if you don’t like to do it. I’ve wasted a lot of time, money, and resources doing jobs I either didn’t want to do, know how to do, or have the resources to do.


    • Justin Glover Says:

      You got it my friend… Understanding your strengths and doubling down on them is the way to go for sure… no need trying to get better at something that you hate doing anyway. Thanks for the comment Ryan.


  5. Joakim Eriksson Says:

    Great blog post Justin!I like the energy vampires the most. There are a lot of them…


    • Justin Glover Says:

      Yes indeed Joakim… There are definitely lots of energy vampires out there.. But once you know about them, you can get rid of them. Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated my friend. Hope you’re doing well!


  6. Devon Brown Says:

    Bro… GREAT POST!

    Couldn’t agree more (especially about keeping things simple). I see so many people make things so complicated and worry about so much minutia that they keep themselves from achieving success.

    Keep up the great content.


  7. Liz Says:

    Great post. Its as if you are talking to me when you made mention of energy sucking vampires, and now I have to work on them , I now know have been reactive and think its time I have to start being proactive. Thanks and I already share it cuz I have some friends in same situation as me. Thanks.


  8. Avery Says:

    The first section about simplicity is very near and dear to me, these days especially. I love the ways you personally broke it down. The Lead Or Gold illustration was a fun anecdote, and the thought of double checking if your idea will make something more complex or more simple is a reminder to always be thinking from a broad perspective. Thanks for sharing, Justin.


  9. Martin Ware Says:

    Great post Justin!! Those are definitely 5 Game Changing mindset hacks that everyone should be using on their way to Mastery. Thanks for sharing will def be applying them into my own Journey!! Appreciate your wisdom brotha!


    • Justin Glover Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Martin… which one was most relevant to you right now? By the way, just listened to your Unstoppable Journey relaunch podcast… excited to hear the new episodes!


  10. Scott Ewart Says:

    Wow Justin, what a great post and great information. So much to absorb here, but I think my biggest takeaway was the section on mastering self awareness. This is where I have the most work to do, and you give some great guidance here. Thanks!!


  11. Rindala Says:

    Keeping it simple spoke to me loudly!! We tend to think complicated is better and all that does is overwhelm ourselves AND our clients. Everyone just wants results as simply as possible.


  12. Greg Gomez III Says:

    Wow, Justin!

    Epic Good Stuff man.

    Thanks for sharing.



  13. John Lagoudakis Says:

    Yep, it is long for a blog post but all really important stuff.

    Love the quotes from Steve Jobs and Branson, and the mafia stories. Inspirational.

    Wishing you all the best…


  14. Carolyn Shadrach Says:

    An epic post Justin! So many takeaways and not just applicable for entrepreneurs…Mastering your M.A.R.M. and realizing you have a choice – crucial advice for anyone who wants to succeed in life.


  15. Merna Says:

    Hey Justin,
    Loved this post.. so many great insights – and with the 5 Game Changers detailed as you have done here – anything is possible. You have just shortened the entrepreneurial journey in one blog post by covering in so much depth the steps to action within these lessons.

    Have you found Self awareness an ongoing journey? Just when you think you have “eliminated” an issue by becoming aware of it – it pops up disguised as something else. Finding balance and accepting the weaknesses, while growing the strengths is a process in itself.


    • Justin Glover Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Merna! REALLY appreciate that! Yes, self awareness is definitely an ongoing journey. Being aware that self awareness is an important first step.


  16. Abhishek (GraphicsBird) Says:

    Hi Justin

    I loved The lessons … It’s long but great insights … The article is just a shortened of your successful long journey as a Entrepreneur …

    points I like …
    *keep things simple
    *master self awareness……

    it’s helps me self-identified 🙂

    Thanks for share this! ..


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