7 Figure Webinar Sales Presentation Template

September 17, 2015

Sales Webinar Creation

steve-jobs-resignsMany marketers claim that the best/easiest way to sell is from stage.

I happen to agree.

The next best option to sell …is via webinar.

Here’s why…

  • Very low risk environment for prospects
  • Easy to scale – practice with smaller lists and gain larger and larger audiences as your skills develop
  • Can sell products and services in all price ranges
  • You don’t have to travel
  • Your prospect doesn’t have to travel
  • Provides you with the opportunity to bond and connect with your audience at a deeper level
  • Opportunity to provide your audience with massive value and stand out as a leader

Webinar Selling Process

JV / Your List >> Webinar >> Offer / Sales >> Replay >> More Sales

15 Components To A Successful Sales Webinar

  1. Title Slides
  2. Sponsor
  3. Make A Promise (What to Expect)
  4. Proof (Why listen to you?)
  5. Content That Can Be Used Immediately
  6. Did I Deliver On My Promise?
  7. Close
  8. Give A Guarantee
  9. Inject Scarcity (Why Take Action NOW?)
  10. Call To Action #1
  11. Remind Them Of The Benefits / Add At Least One Bonus
  12. Call To Action #2
  13. Remind Them That There Is NO RISK
  14. Call To Action #3
  15. Offer Related Q&A

Watch the video below to hear me talk through each of these 15 components. (The content starts at minute __. Feel free to fast forward)



Final Thoughts

First of all, use this template.

It’s free, and it works. (I have the PowerPoint and keynote slides as a template also… If you’d like me to add them here to this blog post, just let me know in the comments)

Next, don’t change up the order, and don’t leave any steps out.

Practice – at first alone. Then with family and friends… Then larger and larger groups.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to make money.

If you got value from this post, please take a moment to share it with your friends. And let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments… I’ll read and reply to all comments myself.


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    yes very much, i have no experience at this webinar approach so yes power point keynote and the ( kitchen sink), lol


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