Behind The Scenes Of “The Marketing Minute” Podcast

marketing-minute-podcast-logoA lot of people have been asking me for a “behind the scenes” look into my podcast.

For those of you who didn’t already know, I have a podcast called “The Marketing Minute” podcast.

I record, edit, and publish the ENTIRE podcast (with intro music and all) right from my cell phone.

Every show is less than 20 minutes long, and full of valuable ideas, insights, and lessons of things that are currently going on in my business.

There are 2 ways to listen to the show:

#1 – Download and listen on iTunes (iTunes account required)

#2 – Download and listen on the web (no accounts required)

Now this post isn’t to sell you on subscribing to my podcast… (although if you are an entrepreneur and you like money, you should definitely listen to every episode)

…This post is more about the PROCESS.

I’ve said many times before, that one of the BEST ways to get better in business is to watch how other successful business owners do things, and then model the stuff in your own business.

By doing so, you will almost always pick up some new ideas of how you can do things in your own business.

That’s my goal with this post.

Behind The Scenes Of The Marketing Minute Podcast

Having a podcast is smart… The listeners are typically more responsive and more valuable than just a typical email subscriber.

But a lot of people tend to think that starting and keeping up with a podcast is very difficult.

And while that CAN be the case sometimes, it doesn’t always have to be.

There is actually a very simple way to do it.

So simple that you could start doing it today.

People have been asking me to share my process for quite some time…

…so that’s exactly what I did on this recent live periscope broadcast:

UPDATE: I realize that the above video cuts off after 12 minutes. The entire video can be seen here once uploaded: (sorry… not sure what happened with the replay… The audio on the YouTube version isn’t perfectly synced either… I’ll prolly end up doing another ‘behind the scenes’ later because this one obviously had some issues… however, it’s good enough for you to get the idea.)

So that’s how I do it.

Pretty simple, huh?

To listen to the final version of the above podcast episode, just go to one of the appropriate links toward the top of this post, and look for “Episode #33”.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Resources NOT mentioned in this episode: (but still cool) – How To Increase Profits On Your Next Live Webinar – What we use to schedule and promote our daily blog content.

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    Fantastic love your tips..

    If anyone wants all the Ninja tips on marketing Justin Glover is your guy…!!!

    Thanks again Justin I always have new things to put in my marketing tool box to get better when listening to your tips.


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