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Rising Out From Under: How We’re Finishing 2017 To Be Our Best Year Ever & Want You With Us!

September 4, 2017


“OMG what’s up with you guys?  I  miss you!” I got that message yesterday on Facebook and figured it was perfect timing to actually share with everyone “what’s actually up with us!” Today is Labor Day 2017 the day to take a break from your labor. However when you work from home it doesn’t make […]

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Improve Your Network With These 3 Steps, And You’ll Increase Your Net Worth!

February 21, 2017


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Have you heard the saying: “Increase your network, and you’ll increase your net worth? It’s a popular saying, and one that makes sense on the surface… but how do you really go about doing it the correct way? Because let’s face it, just by connecting up with more people doesn’t really correlate to making more […]

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Taking The Plunge: Why I Jumped Out Of An Airplane This Weekend!

January 31, 2017

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I jumped out of an airplane this weekend.. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of life and enjoy the ride! Checkout this crazy story and how it can help you in your life right now!

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The 1 Question To Help Keep You On Track To Achieve Your Goals This Year

January 25, 2017


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Do you ever need help staying on track when you attempt to achieve your goals? I sure do… No matter what goal I set, it seems there was always something else pulling for my attention and I wasn’t sure how to stay completely focused on my long term goals.  However, this past summer I found out it was VERY possible […]

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3 Tips For Dealing with Circumstances Outside Of Your Control

January 24, 2017


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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for you to be better”… It’s such an easy phrase to read and dismiss as “very cliche” But if you stop and really look at the meaning behind those words, you’ll see something very profound that has the ability change your […]

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We’re Starting Over In Life And Business…

January 20, 2017


justin & me woodbck

There comes a time in your life where you stop reacting and start making decisive decisions that will impact the rest of your life. And that time is right now for us here at Results 513 I’m writing this post to let you know about a few changes that are happening with us are going […]

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4 Questions That Will Help You Discover Your Life’s Purpose

October 20, 2015



If you currently do NOT know your life’s purpose, this blog post is for you. Because I’m going to help you figure that out for yourself. Two things you must first understand … We ALL have a purpose we are here to accomplish while on earth. That purpose is something that has already been born […]

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How To Turn A Really Crappy Day Into An AWESOME Day

September 9, 2015



Ever had one of those days where NOTHING seemed to go your way? Of course you have… we all have. And it’s not always easy to turn things around when life gets difficult. …Or is it? Watch this quick video to learn the secret:   Now that you know the secret, go out and make […]

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You Deserve Success: The Internal Battle You Must Overcome

July 16, 2015



Success is possible for everyone, however it’s your internal thoughts that really determine if you will achieve the results you want. Listen to this audio where Brenda Gagne shares how your internal “self-deserving” ideal can break your journey to success and how to mend it back together!

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My new morning routine.

July 8, 2015



She started with a question: “If you removed ALL current limitations, what would your perfect day look like?” 90 minutes later, we had a rough draft. Next question: “How much of this can you actually make a reality RIGHT NOW?” After two weeks of thinking about that question… Here’s my answer: (AKA My new daily […]

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