The 7 Core Offer Values You Must Have

The 7 Core Offer Values You Must Have

To Avoid Piss-Poor Profits

A couple of days ago, Justin sent his readers a thorough overview of the “Perfect Offer Blueprint” (and a helicopter view of the business model he and Brenda use to create offers and sales).

Jess here from Behind the Scenes:
I read another email Justin sent out yesterday and had to bring it to you here on the Results 513 blog.

Brenda and Justin amaze me in so many ways but mostly, it’s how much they are willing to give to others.

(Oh! Just in case you missed the Perfect Offer Blueprint…get your own free copy, do that here on this page — just tell us where to ship it — takes less than 2 minutes)

 Anyway, below is the email I swipe from Justin for you.
It’s value packed and insightful for anyone who’s truly ready to move their business forward.

Core Offer Values

If your offer doesn’t meet ALL 7 of these core offer values, then you are pretty much telling the universe that you don’t really want to make sales.  

This is hands down the most important part of your offer… That’s why I’m starting here first.

Bottom line is this…

It would be likely be easier to make sales in the “Anal Exploration Just For Fun” market.

No thanks, Doc… I’ll NOT be taking you up on your offer today!

 …or any other day for that matter. ←- HAHA! I came back and added that part in…

‘Justin case’ you’re new here, and don’t know me that well yet. 😉

 My point?

Core Offer Values – THIS IS IMPORTANT!

That’s why I went to the park this morning and recorded a 20 minute audio training, going deep on each one of the 7 “Core Offer Values” that EVERY offer must have in order to be successful.

Click here to listen on iTunes (iTunes account required)

Click here to listen on the web. (no accounts required)

Core Offer Values

Core Offer Values

You can also download and listen to Part 1 while you are there…

In fact, you should probably listen to that one first…so you’re not completely lost.

Can’t find 20 minutes to listen?

Here’s the “abbreviated” version of the core offer values.

EVERY “Perfect Offer” MUST …

#1: Answer your prospects top objections – Are they hesitant to buy because they’re not sure if they will be able to call anyone when they get stuck? You can overcome this objection in your offer by making sure to include an “ongoing support” component.

#2: Be easy for your prospect to understand – When they look at a summary of your offer, is it easy to understand? Do they know EXACTLY what they are getting, when they are getting it, how they are getting it, and how much they are paying (and when)? If this stuff isn’t obvious, they won’t buy.

#3: Be easy for you to deliver – Don’t put yourself on the hook for 19 hours of personal coaching for every person that buys. Honestly, I could type a bunch of stuff here, but it’s probably best to at least listen to the more in depth audio version of this training… Some things are just difficult to explain in text. (Yes, I could transcribe the audio but I aint tryin’ to take all day to write this email)

#4: Be simple for your buyers to consume – Spend time thinking about your the buying experience you want to give your buyer. What are the main steps? (ie. order > login details > members area) If your buyers have a hard or difficult time accessing or consuming their purchase, they are much more likely to refund. (or worse)

#5: Have built in urgency – The easiest way to do this is with a live 6 week masterclass. This lets them know that if they want the opportunity to get their own personal questions answered, they need to buy now, rather than later.

#6: Setup the future sale – What is the initial result your product will help your prospect achieve? Once they achieve that initial result, what’s the next result they are likely going to want? Do you have an offer that gives them that next result? You should. If you don’t right now, don’t sweat. Pretend that you do. Briefly think about what that product would look like… Once you know the answer to these questions, you can make sure that the offer you are creating right now leads right in to the next thing.

#7: Demonstrate 10X value – At the end of the day, the $ amount that you say something is worth doesn’t matter. What matters is how much the buyer believes it is worth TO THEM. If they truly implemented everything your product teaches them, what’s the BEST possible outcome for them? How much money would that be worth to them? (try to put a $ amount on it – if unsure, just guess) The $ amount you say that part of the offer is worth obviously needs to be less than that dollar amount / time that it could potentially make/save them. Just don’t sell yourself short either.

Without ALL SEVEN of these core offer values in place, you are setting yourself up for failure.

 I’ll be back with more soon. In the meantime, here is my recommendation:

 Step #1: Click here and let us know that you want us to ship you out your very own “Perfect Offer Blueprint” …it comes with an advanced training on how to use it – No charge, just cover a couple bucks in shipping.

 Step #2:  Download and listen to the more in depth audio version of this training…

 Click here to listen on iTunes (iTunes account required)

 Click here to listen on the web. (no accounts required)

Make the rest of today AWESOME and enjoy the Core Offer Values!

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