The Results 513 Show, Episode 079: Freedom Journal Progress Report

March 19, 2016

The Results 513 Show


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Freedom Journal Progress Report

progress-reportLast time I talked about the freedom journal was back in episode 19.

The title of that episode was “How To Get 3 Months Worth Of Work Done In 25 Days” – Click here to check it out.

At that time, I was focusing on completing the 100 day goal of “Create a daily automatic content machine.” – That was my first ever 25 day review using the freedom journal.

Lots has changed since then.

I’ve set new 100 day goals.

I’ve brought on Brenda as accountability partner.

We started a 7:30am daily morning meeting to read over our goals for the day. This helps keep us on track. (plus it forces me to get to the office by a certain time each day)

Several people have let me know that they enjoy the behind the scenes aspect of this show, so I thought it would be cool to do an episode where Brenda and I catch you up on what we are working on, and how our goals have evolved, and how the Freedom Journal is working for us so far.

Our new 100 day goal start date was Feb 25th.

So that means our 100 day goals will be accomplished by no later than June 4th, 2016.

Just in time for a summer vacation of some sort for a celebration / reward.

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The new 100 day goals

Justin’s 100 day goal:

To have the Results 513 Show running 7 days per week while only requiring 2 days of work per week from me.


Because putting out massive value into the marketplace is my strategy I use to grow a business from the ground up.

And because I have other goals that I want to accomplish this year, and in order to accomplish them I need to first free up time to work on them… and if the 513 show is taking up all of my time everyday, it won’t happen.

Brenda’s 100 day goal:

To deliver 30 webinars.


Because webinars are the core of our business, and every time we do a webinar it results in money. (not always the day of the webinar, but nonetheless it trains our audience to attend our webinars in the future because there is true value being dropped on them)

The Quarterly Breakdown

This is how Justin’s 100 day’s initially broke down.

  • Day 1-25: Get 40 episodes (or 6 weeks) ahead of schedule (by March 19)
  • Day 26 – 50: Create systems and infrastructure to STAY 40 episodes ahead
  • Day 51 – 75: Hire & train help to do all parts except my 2 days of work required
  • Day 76 – 100: Turn my focus to promoting the show

Brenda’s goal didn’t really need to be broken down into phases like this. For her, all we had to do was simply divide the number of webinars she wanted to deliver (30) by the number of weeks in the 100 days. (14) Which means she will need to deliver on average 2.1 (3) webinars per week to stay on target.

The First 10 Days…

Justin’s first 10 day sprint goals…

  1. Schedule & outline 50 episodes
  2. Publish 27 episodes
  3. Find someone to edit and publish interviews

Actually accomplished…

  1. scheduled & outlined 65 posts
  2. developed schedule that would allow me to stay ahead
  3. got all the featured images created through episode 110

Reflection from first 10 days…

Biggest thing for me is that I realized that I didn’t have to get 40 episodes ahead BEFORE I could start getting help and/or putting systems in place. Or even to promote the show…

Now that my schedule to stay ahead was in place, all of these things could also be scheduled, and started NOW. (plus, the pressure of getting 3 episodes done everyday was too much – it stressed me out)

The Second 10 Days…

Justin’s second 10 day sprint goals…

  1. Find someone to write text for episodes in exchange for coaching
  2. Create new CTA for show promoting our free productivity tool-kit
  3. Get myself booked on 5 other shows

Actually accomplished…

  1. Found interested people to write blog posts
  2. will be done by end of next 10 day sprint (guaranteed)
  3. Booked for 5 shows.

Reflection from second 10 days…

The 10 days go by fast. But this sprint allowed me to see that my new publishing schedule is possible.


Final Takeaways & Reflection

It’s important to always be asking the question, how can I do this easier… Because sometimes there will be a MUCH easier answer (solution) to a problem you are trying to solve, and it very well may be hidden right in front of your face. (like mine was)

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