R513 131: Get Your Clients Better Results By Gamifying Your Delivery Process

May 10, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Welcome to another episode of #Ask513.

gamificationWelcome to episode #131 of The Results 513 Show.

In this episode we are going to talk about gamification… Something that when done right can get your buyers better results.

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In this episode we talk about how to get better results for your clients by gamifying the delivery process. The idea behind this episode came from a workshop event that we recently attended and it was about ‘reducing the creative burden from your buyers by gamifying the delivering process’.

Gamification is making the process of taking action or learning fun and rewarding.

You can gamify anything, including the whole onboard process, or even events. It’s all about making things fun.

Whenever you eliminate the creative burden for your buyers you make it easier for your buyers to be successful. You make it impossible to screw up.

Gamification makes things fun. It rewards you along the way. Giving ranks, or prizes you can win makes it fun. It creates an experience.

For example

We used gamification in our first live event. And also in one of our coaching programs. We created XP – experience points. They had to go out and do things. We had to figure out their end goal and we worked backwards about what needed to be done.

We added value points to everything. Things were weighted differently and there were prizes.

Not everybody did it. But we broke the 80/20 rule. 95% of people finished the whole thing. We had a lot of comments that people felt an urgency to compete and finish it.

If you already have a program or product that you’re delivering ask yourself if you can add points for doing things.

Make the information connected to action. Then check the box and the next piece of content will unlock.

Get creative. Create competitions. Even just recognition, people kill for that. Budget the prizes for the course. If you have a community try to add that value in.

In the future we want to get people to get started already ahead by having them earn 20 points upfront.

So if they opted in they get 5 points. Watching the sales video is 5 points. Actually buying is 10 points. That gets them excited when they buy.

Farmville is an excellent example of gamification. It rewards you just by logging in.

If you’re interested into learning this infrastructure and learning what it looks like in real time Invisible Empire is a really cool example of it.

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