4 Steps To Getting 10X More People On Your Next Periscope Broadcast

IMG_2455Early last week I was averaging just over 100 people that were showing up to each live broadcast I did.

Then I tried something on Thursday night that resulted in 10X more people showing up to my live broadcast

996 live viewers to be exact.

Actually there were 450-ish individual people that actually showed up to the live broadcast… The other 500 people that counted toward the “live viewer” total were just those same people jumping out of the broadcast and then back in.

AKA – 1000 visitors, 450 of them were “unique”…

Anyways… Still not bad.

So how did I do it?

How To Get 10X More Periscope Viewers

Simply follow these 4 steps to get more periscope viewers…

  1. Make a list of broadcasters with at least 100 followers
  2. learn about their audience
  3. prepare a share worthy broadcast
  4. Ask them to share BEFORE you go live

Watch the video below to hear me talk about each one of them in detail:

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