The Results 513 Show, Episode 034: How To Grow Your Audience With A Facebook Fanpage

February 3, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Welcome to another episode of #Ask513.

#ask513Today we are answering another one of YOUR biggest questions.

Today’s question comes from another one of our awesome listeners, Brian Metzger from

The question

“I will be running ads soon, and would like to know the best strategy for getting as many people as possible to like my fan page as possible.”

Well Brian, you asked… we answered.

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Why grow fans?

The more fans you have = a bigger (and much more targeted) audience to advertise to…

If you only have to advertise to people that already know you, it will be much easier to get them to click through. (and definitely more cost effective)

There are 2 ways to build a fan page. (organically or paid)

Here are the 4 steps we covered in the video:

  1. setup fan page
  2. start like campaign (target other leaders in same industry)
  3. make consistent posts (use a schedule)
  4. paid post engagement campaigns (fans and friends of fans)

Take Action

  • think of at least one thing you learned from today’s episode
  • take one step toward that today
  • tune in again tomorrow 🙂

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