R513 123: Igor Kheifets – Design Your ListBuilding Lifestyle

May 2, 2016

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Welcome to another episode of the Results 513 Show.
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Our next guest runs one of the largest solo ad agencies in the world over at where he helps beginners and veterans to get high quality leads for their online business using solo ads and he runs it all from a coffee shop.

So turn up your ear-balls today because we are talking with Igor Kheifets.… 

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So, with the intro out of the way, let’s dive into today’s episode.

Here are the questions we asked Igor , and a quick summary of his answers:

What’s the quick version behind your business model?

We assist people who are in the home business/ internet marketing space to get leads. You’d approach us and say I’d like to have 400-500 visitors to my website, you’d give us your link and some money (which is usually a fixed price per click) and we send you traffic. Basically we promote your offer to our list.

Where does the traffic come from?

I build the list myself, I buy traffic myself. I then connect with them, nurture them and email them everyday. By the time I’m done building the trust you show up and I promote your stuff to the list.

This is very similar to the JV model where you get an affiliate link and you blast your list. Only now instead of me getting affiliate links I help people who have no idea how to get traffic so I help them to scale their business very quickly. We figure out traffic for them.

A lot of people don’t always have a great view on Solo Ads in terms of quality today?

The solo ad industry is like the lawyer industry, there’s a lot of garbage out there. Most traffic out there is garbage. There are people who send you traffic but it turn out to be mechanical/ non real visitors. You might even have opt ins but the engagement is non-existent.

We have a neat little software that tracks and shows behavior now and finds out that some people are selling fake clicks.

How do you protect yourself? Who should be and not considering solo ads?

Solo ads are not for brick and mortar business. If you’re a SEO specialist they’re not of you either.

Solo are a deal for people who sell info products for affiliate marketers or home business marketers. Click bank products and JV Zoo products are also a good fit.

How do you NOT get scammed?

  • You need to look for reviews on Google “company name”+”scam” or “review” or “results”
  • If all you see is ONLY positive results that is s red flag.
  • There has to be neutral or some negative review of a service. It’s impossible to get 100% reviews
  • If you see only negative and questionable feedback then obviously don’t go with them
  • Don’t go with a solo ad provider who have NO reviews they may b Fly by nighters or are beginners.

In the solo ad industry there is no supervision. It’s like the wild wild west.

What does someone need to know in order to be profitable with solo ads?

  • The majority of the action needs to happen in the follow up because solo ads are cold traffic
  • Tell them who you are? What you can offer and how you can offer them.
  • Don’t be afraid to be aggressive in your email marketing (Igor is).
  • Email everyday and pitch everyday
  • The offer should have good copywriting and product creation

What is your strategy in regards to building and nurturing lists?

I started like everyone else and taught to give value to my list. And eventually they will love you and buy from you. But unfortunately it creates a backwards effect in that they love you when you give value but hates it when you pitch to them. You condition your list to only get free stuff.

If you pay money to get them on your list and to host them and you have the idea that you want to make money from them so with this model everything is congruent.

I mail once a day and once more to the unopened. I pitch in every email. And I did the exact opposite of what everyone is doing in the industry and its worked for me.

What is your strategy in regards to building and nurturing a list?

I believe that relationship with your list is seriously overrated. Its also about not being the expect.

List building is about getting your list to see you for who you truly are and that is an authority.

The difference between an expert and an authority is that the expert is always being probed for knowledge. The expert becomes a servant to the list. Experts don’t get paid. Authorities do. You don’t question authority.

The value model didn’t work for me. Sending them to blog posts is like being an expert. Selling them emails is about being an authority who believes in what he does.

Stop talking about your product and instead focus on writing emails about your markets biggest insecurities, fears and frustrations. And who you do that they can see you as someone they can rely on.

Once you have their attention in their email now you can offer a solution to that problem.

How do you nurture your list?

I don’t. I push people back more than I nurture.  I try to alienate as many people as I can early on. The approach I have is

  • these are my beliefs about marketing, list building or emails etc
  • and if you agree with me, great, here’s more of that
  • and if you don’t agree then get off my list

I’m not trying to get my list to like me. It’s like my approach to women. It never worked with me being the nice guy. Instead I started women like my younger sister, making fun of them and not getting to like me. Now they wanted to like me and the dynamics change.

I do recommend reading The Game by Neil Strauss.

The more you learn about dating the better marketer you will be.

Where can people find out more about you and your podcast?

The podcast is List building Lifestyle Show Podcast. This is for people considering getting into the paid traffic game. How to convert their list better and produce more profits with smaller lists.

I talk about stuff that no-one else talks about.

Most of the advice is outdated and rehashed. That stuff doesn’t work.

Where can our listeners go to learn more about you?

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