The Results 513 Show, Episode 042: Justin Brooke Insights

February 11, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Earlier this week…

#513Insights…In episode 39, we released our interview with media buying expert, Justin Brooke.

And today, Brenda and I are back in front of the camera to talk ABOUT that interview.

We’re going to break it down question by question, and talk about our own personal takeaways and insights.

I hope you’re ready to grow, because this is another good one.

Be sure to listen to the complete audio version of this episode by clicking the play button at the top of this post.

Or… if you prefer video, you can watch the video version of this complete training below. (disclaimer: my video editing skills are lame… so to hear the announcements for this show, you’ll need to listen to the audio version… this will get better in time…promise)

The Breakdown…

Here are the questions I asked Justin, and a quick summary of his answers:

  • if you had to pick just ONE thing you are THANKFUL for along your journey…what or who, would that be?

Like many of the high performers we interview, Justin is grateful for lots of things. (supportive wife, kids, family, health, etc) But the one thing that really stands out as the thing that’s really helped him get this far… That would be the work ethic that his dad instilled in him at a young age.

  • What is your business model?

Justin runs a digital ad agency. His company handles the advertising primarily for supplement companies, info publishing companies, and software companies. They work with clients with a $25k per month ad spend and up. If that’s you, hit em up… They are some of the best in the world at what they do: and / or

But in addition to the advertising his company does, Justin also does consulting to help people get to the $25k/mo ad spend level. Once he helps them get to that level, the goal is to turn them into a services client for his ad agency.

  • When you first started your entrepreneurial journey, did you get the results you were hoping for on your first attempt, or did you have any failures along the way?

Justin has bought over 428 domain names. Only 7 of those websites had ever produced more than $10k. So “there’s A LOT of failure in there”. But among the failures, there are a few of them that did get traction and produce more than $10k… We talk about those more in the audio version of this episode.

Justin also knows A LOT of really successful entrepreneurs and he said that he doesn’t know any of them that don’t have a similar story as the one above.

Bottom line: There WILL be things that do not work (failures) along the way. It’s just part of the game. Don’t quit because of it… Keep going, and eventually something will stick.

  • What’s the story behind starting your ad agency?

In the beginning, Justin just wanted to build websites to make money online… But when they failed to make money, he would turn around and sell them to other people and try again with another website. One day he realized that he WAS actually making money online. (through selling his websites)

He sold one of those websites for $15k, and people started asking him how he was doing it. So he started teaching others how to do it, created a course on how to do it, and started down the ‘guru’ path.

From there it became obvious that his specialty was getting traffic… Naturally, people started asking him how he was getting all his traffic. So he started teaching that. Then Rich Schefren hired him to do traffic for him …from there he started doing it for others.

That’s how the agency came to be.

  • what is one specific thing or big breakthrough you can attribute to achieving your amazing results in your business?

The ability to get and convert traffic. If you understand that, everything else falls in place.

  • In the world of advertising, who has made a big impact on you and your business that you would also recommend to people interested in learning this skill?

There have been A LOT! But Jonathan Mizel really taught him alot about getting all the traffic he needs… and Matt Bacak taught him how to convert that traffic.

PS: Matt Bacak was one of my original mentors as well. You’ll hear from him in a future episode.

  • Many successful entrepreneurs have rituals or habits that they practice on a daily basis that keeps you focused and moving forward…What is something you do consistently every day that helps you achieve your results?

Like most high performers, Justin has a very specific morning routine that he follows. First thing when he wakes up, he stretches and gets the blood flowing. Then its off to the bathroom to brush his teeth and splash some water on his face. Then to the kitchen to drink some water.

He also takes 4 main supplements: B12, D3, Probiotic, and fish oil. The idea with these supplements is to help keep you from getting sick… Because getting sick for a week is one of the biggest productivity killers for your business. They also help with energy and focus.

Once the supplements are down, its time to make some yerba mate tea and get to work.

  • what does a typical work week look like for you?

Mondays are reserved for working on his own business.

Tuesday’s and Thursdays are reserved for calls. (interviews, consulting calls, sales calls, etc)

Wednesday’s are reserved for working on client campaigns and client’s businesses. (this is also done on Tuesday’s and Thursdays in between calls)

Friday’s are half days. He gets all his work done by noon, and spends the day with his wife. (usually playing video games)

  • If you lost everything (except your knowledge) and had to start completely over from scratch tomorrow, what (if anything) would you change about your journey?

Justin has had to restart a few times, so he’s got the process down.

Here’s what he would do…

  1. Create a customer avatar (persona) – a simple document that say’s “this is the person I’m targeting with this thing that I’m selling.” This document sets everything up.
  2. setup a blog – much easier to attract someone to content. (think in micro conversions)
  3. write a couple of high quality blog post teaching them how to solve a problem (that is the bait)
  4. Create a dream 100 list (a list of the 100 customers that you want to have) – collect their name, email, phone number, facebook, twitter, etc
  5. continue to write blog posts that the people on your dream 100 list will be attracted to …then contact them and let them know that you have content they may be interested in. (eg. “i noticed you do facebook ads, I just wrote an article on facebook ads and I think you will like it.)
  • Parting piece of advice for our listeners, to help them achieve the results they are looking for.

When you can essentially “buy a customer” profitably, then everything else gets very easy for you because then you can just buy as many as you need and it’s at a profit, and you’re good to go.

But don’t expect your first ad spend to do that.

  • Where can our listeners go to learn more about you? – AWESOME content and other really cool stuff

Justin’s YouTube Channel – HUNDREDS of free videos teaching this stuff – Advertorials with a performance guarantee

Take Action…

  • make sure you have listened to the original interview here
  • what is one insight you are committed to take action on?

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