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May 13, 2016

The Results 513 Show


bootstrappingitRecently, I got an email from Vince Carter.

Vince is the host of the Bootstrapping It podcast…

He asked me if he could interview me for his show, and after listening to a few episodes, I said yes…

His show is all about starting and growing a business on a budget. (hence the name, bootstrapping it)

The interview went well (Vince asked some great questions) so I decided to share it with you here.

I hope you enjoy!

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Here are the questions I was asked by Vince Carter, and a quick summary of my answers:

What was going on in your life that ultimately led you to getting started online.

I was laying underneath a bus, it was close to 100 degrees outside and I had been doing that for about 12 hours already.

My life at that time started at 4am working at a school bus factory till 4pm. I worked at the  air conditioning upgrade unit. I’d get off work, take a shower and then go straight to a bartending waiting job 5 minutes up the road. I’d work until 10 to 11pm at night. On the nights I wasn’t working out back I was mowing lawns to make some additional money.

What really happened for me was I realized that what I was doing wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing. I was meant for something more.

I was so busy, I knew I had to start a business that would set me free. I knew it had to be online. So I fired up my Dell laptop and googled ‘Make money online’.

What did you find in your search?

I found an ad where there was a kid who had started an online business and asked for my email address. I received his emails and was blown away.

I started learning the concept of an autoresponder. I learnt how to develop relationships with people online.

Where did you learn that ultimately lead to you starting your own business?

Ultimately you don’t have to have a lot of time to make this happen. You can build relationships automatically. While I’m working underneath school bus my emails could be talking to people and sending them to videos that I pre-recorded. It could build that know, like and trust factor. Then I can offer them services and products.

What were the next steps?

At the time I was building euro race cars. I had a little bit of savings but no time to spend it.

I got the bug of the entrepreneurial journey. So i put all of my time and money into my business.

There was a 3 month period that I consumed a lot. I bought product after product. And I blew through 30 grand with  zero in return. I was down to my left my last two thousand dollars. And I spent one thousand dollars to have a coaching conversation with a  mentor and he gave me a game plan.

91 days after that conversation I sold over $100,000 worth of stuff on the internet.  I handed in my resignation to my third job. I was full time.

What was your plan going in?

My plan was to figure out. I learned stuff on every dollar I spent. Whether it brought in money or not. I don’t recommend you spend $30,000!

But honestly, the last $1,000 I spent on a mentor I had learnt on day 3 of my journey.

If you want to make massive leaps in your business you have to hire a mentor or a coach. the problem for me was that it was way easier to spend $200 on an information rather than send $1000 for 30 minutes of someone’s time. It was unfathomable for me to have a conversation with a  stranger for a thousand bucks.

I knew what I needed to know three days into starting my business. Which was:

  • The shortcut is to find someone who’s has already been there
  • invest in them
  • tell them what you want to do

I nickled and dimed away $30,000 and then made that more significant one time investment to get that mentor.

Tell us more about the nature of that first successful business?

I already had knowledge about running a successful landscaping products. I saw a problem that landscapers were having. So I created a small course showing people how to start a successful landscaping company.

The first big win I had was to take the mentor’s products and I became an affiliate for them. That gave me the confidence to create my own course.

Then I created a couple of successful products and had recognition I started created products in the home business internet marketing space.

How long did you operate that first successful business and what lead you to change it again?

I started it in 2008 till 2014. I turned focus and started automating it in 2012. And then I started my second business which was a direct sales company where you could license products and it was in the make money space.

My first business was set up well but i started to feel like a prisoner if I didn’t show up. Ultimately I shut it down because my second business was going really well. But then my second business failed due to a poor business decision.

I went to a mastermind where I met my now business partner Brenda Gagne. And  I was so frustrated that people were buying so many information products but weren’t implementing them. they didn’t get the results they wanted. 97% of people online weren’t making money or getting results.

Brenda had her own multiple six figure business and we came together and both wanted to serve and help people solve this problem in the industry and we started Results 513.

Tell us about

Results513 is a business where we shed light for entrepreneurs to help them grow.

We have a daily show where we share content and interviews with people like yourself. We do Q&A style shows. We have plenty of free content.

We sell a couple of courses for beginners getting started. We courses that solve your biggest questions online and others where literally walk them through everything to do online.

We focus a lot on helping people with webinars . We’ve done lots and lots with webinars.

The best entry point for us is just plug into our show. We give our best over our 20+ min shows.

What was one question in your podcast that you feel could help our Bootstrappers audience?

A common thing is’ how do I market myself when I’m starting out?’

The blanket answer is to lead with value. The way I build business is to lead with value. And we spend a significant amount of time doing that. But when you do you true relationship with people and that eventually leads to business.

Big Tips

  1. Stay consistent
  2. Always lead with value.

The better you know your audience, the challenges they have and what the goals they have the better you can help them. The more people you can help with these principles the faster you can grow your business.

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