R513 142: MAJOR Announcement Regarding The Results 513 Show

May 21, 2016

The Results 513 Show



The Results 513 Show was born after asking myself this question in mid December, 2015…

How can I best contribute to the business in 2016?

The answer I came up with was:

DAILY VALUE (something we did not do much of in 2015)

So, I launched the show with that being my only goal.

Here are 2 quotes from episode 14… (2 weeks into the show – explaining my reasoning for daily episodes)

“I know that everyday I go without adding value, is a day that I am not actively growing my business”

“my income is directly tied to the amount of value I provide… And for me, a daily show = more value”


When I launched the Results 513 Show back on Jan 1st, 2016 I was determined to keep up with a rigorous 7 day per week schedule…

I was also determined to produce this daily show in 3 different formats. (audio, video, and text)

And for the first 141 episodes I did just that, without missing a single episode… But now, here on episode 142, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the show.

The need for these changes came to my attention after I published episode 100… When I actually took the time to stop and really take a look at the stats for the first time in the shows brief existence.

What I noticed were 3 trends that I was not happy with…

Trend #1: Low comments for each episode (usually 0 for most of them)
Trend #2: Low social shares for each episode (under 10 for most episodes)
Trend #3: Low engagement on my social posts promoting the episodes

And after working so hard pretty much every day to get those first 100 episodes out on time, those were not the trends that I wanted (nor expected) to see. After all… who wants to keep publishing a show that nobody is listening to?

So I started to re-evaluate my approach.

What was the actual goal of the show?

For the first 100 episodes I really didn’t really have a goal… Other than to publish new episodes 7 days per week, while only working a maximum of 2 days per week… (again because I had the belief that daily episodes was the key to providing maximum value)

But after looking at the stats and talking with lots of our listeners, I realized that my original belief was flawed. Daily episodes were NOT the key to providing maximum value… in fact it was kinda doing the opposite. overwhelm.

I also realized that if I wanted to measure the effectiveness of the show in the future, I needed a baseline metric to use as my measuring stick… And after talking with a few other successful podcasters & bloggers I determined that the 3 best baseline metrics for me to measure the effectiveness of the show was engagement.

1 – podcast downloads
2 – blog comments
3 – social shares

changes+aheadKnowing that these are the 3 metrics I wanted to measure I was able to determine the best course of action to grow the show and accomplish my goal of putting out more value to more people more often.

But that required me make 2 major changes…

Change #1: New Frequency

From now on, we will be publishing the Results 513 Show 3 days per week instead of 7. At first this seemed counterintuitive to me, but after talking with several listeners and looking closer at the stats, it became obvious that I was putting out too much content… People could not keep up with all of it.

Plus, with fewer episodes to promote, it will allow me to promote them better… Giving each post more time to be live and for people to come consume it and engage. (compared to being replaced by a new post the next day)

Change #2: New Themes

From now on, there will be 3 main types of content that we produce here on the Results 513 Show.

1 – interviews with high performers (Monday’s)
2 – online business growth strategies & concepts (Wednesday’s)
3 – contribution to future generations (Friday’s)

#1 and #2 are the same type of content we have been delivering… (but since we have more time to produce them now, it should get even better and more actionable)

#3 is new…

As a new father, there are several things that I want to make sure my child grows up understanding… I’ve studied the most successful people in the world, and I’ve watched how they have raised their kids. (and how they were raised as children) I want my children to be successful as possible in all areas of life, and I know there are many things we can do as parents to do help the cause…

So that’s what I want to talk about on Fridays.

We are going to call them “Forward Fridays” (looking forward to the future generations)

These episodes are not just for those of you with children… Many of them will be things that we can all do personally and have a major impact on future generations, regardless if we have children or not. (more on this theme when we relaunch the show)

And from time to time we will still be doing bonus #Ask513 episodes where we answer questions submitted by users. (these will be less frequent, and we will answer more than one question in each of these episodes)

There will be no more weekly roundups, (no need since we are doing only 3 episodes per week) no more insights episodes, (the stats show us that they weren’t that popular anyway) and a lot less #Ask513 episodes. The show will still be published in 3 formats… that is not changing.

These cuts were hard for me to make (because I wanted them to work) but the data clearly shows that they are consistently the least popular episodes that we do. So we made the choice to cut them from the show.

I know that once these changes are implemented the show will be even better, and will provide more value to more people.

These are obviously some pretty big changes, and with them comes the need to restructure a few things on the back end. (I just recently setup all the systems to run a 7 day per week show, and now that we are changing some of those systems have to be updated)

closedSo we have decided to pause the show for the next 2 weeks while we rebuild.

This way when we come back we can come back stronger than we are now. (and with better content that you will enjoy – and have time to consume)

The first episode of the “new” show will go live on June 8, and from there we will be a 3 day per week show (with a surprise bonus episode every now and then)

Thank you so much for your loyalty… In the meantime, there are 140+ episodes that you can listen to.

See you in the new show!

Justin Glover & Brenda Gagne
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13 Responses to “R513 142: MAJOR Announcement Regarding The Results 513 Show”


    Good Article/Post. It’s a tough call, cutting ideas that you believed would be productive.

    Look at this metric…

    New Listeners vs. current Clients

    What I discovered was that after months of producing value, the only ones watching were folks i was already in a Program with.

    I was not attracting new listeners or even new people that would engage.

    I thought about this for a while… and still thinking.

    My target was Facebook. And the bottom line is, that people come to facebook for Entertainment…

    It has replaced TV in some cases.

    So, the more serious the production… the less engagement.

    The more Stupid it is… more engagement.

    Now I had to decide…

    Do I become a Stupid Comedian?



    I decided to take the Summer off… to Ponder that Response.

    Best of luck my friend
    Dave Shirley


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