The Results 513 Show, Episode 053: Interview: Mark Hoverson

February 22, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Mark-HoversonMark started his business at the public library because he couldn’t afford internet service, and just a few years later he has co generated over $20M online.

He lives with his wife and 4 rambunctious children in AZ in winters, and Dakota in the summers.

His podcast, is a favorite of ours, and you can check it out, along with some other stuff that Mark is up to over at

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So with the intro out of the way, let’s dive into today’s episode.

Here are the questions we asked Mark, and a quick summary of his answers:

  • if you had to pick just ONE thing you are THANKFUL for along your journey…what or who, would that be?

Mark is most grateful for his mom and dad. They talked to him about adult things when he was a kid. His mom showed him a blueprint of a huge house when he was young… (way bigger than their current house) and told him, “Mark if you don’t have a plan, you’ll never get what you want”.

  • What is your business model?

Mark has multiple companies. Most of them have low barrier of entry ($7-$37ish) front end products. Those lead to bigger and better back end offers ranging from $197 – $5k. Most of his businesses also have continuity aspects to them… Including his $197/month gaming fee in his gamification company. He also does random JV deals when they come up, and sometimes does some consulting with friends and larger companies that request him.

  • Looking back over your journey, did you ever get to the point of quitting or giving up?

There was one time, and it lasted about 5 minutes. He received a letter from a lawyer with someone trying to sue him. He called up his friend and asked him “have you ever thought about quitting?” …His friend basically told him that was a dumb idea and to get back in check.

  • Did you ever work a JOB or has you always done your own thing?

Mark worked at a factory for only a few months. 12 hours a day in the summer with no air conditioning… Wearing a full space suit, grinding on a fiberglass wind blade. It wasn’t fun. He also did some telemarketing for a few months, and even worked in the ministry.

  • What mindsets and beliefs have you adopted that have served you well?

A lot of them came from growing up in a small town. He remembers a teacher telling him one day in school that he might be the first president from their state… In addition to that, pastors would tell him growing up that they thought he would be the next Bill Graham.

His loving parents and supportive community really helped him with his beliefs. The freedom that that gave him do “do his own thing” was something that helped him. He never felt constrained, other than working at his job.

He also never really saw anyone going off to work for someone else… That just wasn’t something that he was exposed to early on. So from an early age he felt as if it was “suppose to be” like that, where you just do your own thing.

  • what is one specific thing or big breakthrough you can attribute to achieving your amazing results in your business?

Those type of things happen almost monthly, but the one big one that stands out is this… When he was selling the travel membership exclusively, he said no to EVERYTHING that wasn’t contributing to a sale of that membership. That gave him  good focus.

Another big breakthrough came when he created his first information product and did $300k on a 90 minute webinar. Starting his information business opened up a lot of doors and enabled him to serve a lot more people in a new way.

Also, his “batters box” (see next question / answer for explanation)

  • Many successful entrepreneurs have rituals or habits that they practice on a daily basis that keeps you focused and moving forward…What is something you do consistently every day that helps you achieve your results?

He never does anything business related for the first 60-90 minutes of the day. He spends the first part of him morning in bed with his wife, talking about positive stuff only. (its a rule) From there, he drinks a glass of water, has a fresh cold pressed juice, takes a couple stimulants, and then its off for a walk or long board outside for a few minutes.

On most days he goes for a run while listening to a podcast. Really committing the first 90 minutes of his day to the Lord, higher thinking, and being his best self. As Mark put it, he spends his first 90 minutes getting ready in the batters box before he steps up to the plate.

  • what has been the best investment you’ve ever made, and why?

When he was launching Ripln, he was the person that wrote to the entire ripple as it grew. (millions of people) That role caused him to elevate his thinking. That elevated thinking prepared him for bigger and better things.

  • If you lost everything (except your knowledge) and had to start completely over from scratch tomorrow, what (if anything) would you change about your journey?

There are a million ways to make a million dollars… First thing he would do is find a product that he really liked. See if there is an audience for it. Then go to Google and start doing PPC for it and move the product. Simple and to the point.


  • Why do you do what you do?

Started because he didn’t want a boss. Didn’t want to wear shoes, or a shirt. But he continues to do it because he doesn’t know of anything better to do.

  • Parting piece of advice for our listeners, to help them achieve the results they are looking for.

When you decide to do something, give your everything to it… Don’t do it half assed. It’s real work.

  • Where can our listeners go to learn more about you? – Mark’s website

Take Action…

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  • jot down at least one thing that you are committed to implement into your business
  • keep tuning into the Results 513 show daily and let’s make it happen together

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