Why Every Entrepreneur SHOULD Be Using Periscope To Grow Their Business

Periscope is a new live streaming app owned by twitter.

It allows you you push a button on your cell phone, and instantly start a live video stream that people from all around the world can see in real time.

Chris Ducker is one of the many entrepreneurs that believe Periscope is a game changer for business owners.

I happen to agree.

In fact, I believe live streaming is the future of online commerce.

Here’s why:

To grow any business, you only need a couple things:

1 – audience
2 – the ability to influence that audience to do certain things that will make you money

When you have those 2 things, you are 100% in control of your financial future.


Now before I go any further, let me make something clear.

Periscope itself is NOT the game changer.

Periscope is just a tool. A tool that us entrepreneurs can use to grow our audience quickly, and develop amazing context with them at the same time.

Watch this 2 minute video from Gary Vaynerchuk to learn more about the importance of context:

I’ve spent the last 2 months watching the leading periscope users VERY closely …and I’ve learned a thing or two in the process.I’ve done a few of my own scopes, just to get the hang of it and test a few of my assumptions. But for the most part, up until now, I’ve just been watching others to see what they are doing.

I’ve also been tracking many different things to try and get a real feel of how their audience responds… (PS: That’s how I like to do research on things like this –  stalk watch the early adopters to find out whats working for them, so I can then apply it to my own business)I’ve been paying extra special attention to things like:

  • How long they broadcast
  • What time of day they broadcast
  • How often they broadcast
  • How they structure their broadcasts
  • What they talk about on their broadcasts
  • How they do their call to actions
  • How they ask for hearts, followers, and shares
  • What type of broadcasts get featured on the global stream
  • The average number of viewers on at different parts in the live broadcasts
  • Total number of live viewers
  • Total number of replay viewers

Tracking all this data in a spreadsheet has allowed me to develop a pretty good understanding of what works on periscope and what doesn’t. (also allows me to make a pretty educated guess as to what will and will not work on periscope in the future – a perspective that most will never have because they don’t pay close enough attention to what the early adopters are doing)

So based on what I’ve learned so far, I’ve been able to put together a pretty good plan for how I want to use periscope myself. If there is enough interest in that topic, I’ll share my plan in detail in a future blog post.

For now, my goal is simply to get you to “buy in” to the idea of using it in your own business.

So here are my top 3 reasons why you should be using periscope to grow your business.

#1 – Live Streaming Is The Future Of Online Commerce

I know that is a big statement, but I believe it to be 1000% accurate. (so do many other marketers)

Mainly because of the ability it gives you to create content AND context with your audience at the same time. (see the Gary Vaynerchuk video above)

When twitter first came out, I decided to go ALL IN.

I built up a list of 50k or so followers in a relatively short period of time, simply by following and connecting with new people everyday, and putting out consistent value.

At one point I was getting close to 1,000 clicks (aka visitors) to any link I would tweet out to my following.

These weren’t just crap clicks either… These were people that were already familiar with me because of the content I was putting out on a regular basis.

Imagine how 1,000+ clicks per tweet could change your business.

  • More people signing up for your email list.
  • More people to your webinars.
  • More people in front of your offers.
  • More money in your pockets.

If you’ve been in the business of selling stuff for very long, you know that live (face to face) events are one of the most effective environments to sell in.

Webinars are a close second.

But the problem with webinars, is people have to register for them.

With a live streaming app like Periscope, that’s not necessary.

They get a notification on their cell phone when you go live, click one button, and are in front of you live with the ability to engage and connect with you.

I probably don’t have to explain to you how powerful that is.

And like Gary V has said before, “…if content is king, then context is God”

Here’s another quick video on this topic to drive my point home even further:

So we know that content AND context are both very important…

Periscope gives you the ability to create both at the same time.

#2 – Periscope Is Better Than The Competition

Some of my marketing friends have told me that they believe Periscope is temporary… They think it’s going to be like MySpace and pretty much fall off the map after a brief time in the spotlight.

While that may be true, I’m not worried.


Because it’s easy to move your “live stream audience” from a platform like Meerkat to a new platform like Periscope.

I’ve seen several power Meerkat users do this. Grant Cardone is a great example. From what I know, he already spent the time building up his audience on Meerkat, so when Periscope came out, he was able to easily leverage that existing audience and move them over to the Periscope platform without much effort.

And while live streaming is definitely the future, Periscope is not the only option.

There are currently a few other live streaming platforms out there already (Meerkat & Facebook Mentions) I’m sure many more apps like this will also begin to surface as live streaming gains popularity.

But honestly, that doesn’t matter.

For now, we are focusing on periscope. (for a few reasons)

Meerkat and Periscope are similar tools that accomplish similar tasks. As a first-time user, you may find Periscope’s interface to be more straightforward.

But even though they are similar, many people consider Periscope to be the go-to streaming app for amateur broadcasters. It has the numbers when it comes to users and lets you re-watch streams for up to 24 hours. (meerkat doesn’t) Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s owned by one of the largest social networks. (Twitter)

I’ve heard the organic FB reach is awesome on FB mentions broadcasts. Too bad you have to be considered a “celebrity” right now by Facebook in order to use it. (I suspect it will be available to everyone before too long though)

But here’s the current problem I see with Facebook Mentions:

I’m following at least 10 “celebrities” that are currently using FB mentions …and I currently have NO IDEA when they stream. If I want to view their live stream broadcast, I have to navigate to their page in the exact moment that they are doing the live broadcast… Otherwise, I’m never notified, and I miss it all together.

Perhaps it’s because I have my notifications turned off, but to me that doesn’t matter. I’m sure lots of other people have those same notifications turned off on Facebook.

I’d like my followers to be notified when I go live, rather than have to come to my FB page to see if I’ve been live anytime soon. When I go live with Periscope, everyone that is following me gets a notification on their phone, and can click one button to join and participate in my live broadcast.

…So even if periscope DOES end up going extinct (like my space) in a few years, i believe that from here on out, live streaming will be the bar… The platform is just that… the platform.

I believe the live streaming trend will get bigger and better as time goes on… It’s not mainstream yet, but I strongly agree that it will be mainstream before long.

Don’t be the one to miss the boat.

#3 – Daily videos is the fastest formula for growing a MASSIVE audience.

Gary Vaynerchuk is proof that this formula works. He turned his fathers liquor store into a $60 Million business, primarily by starting a daily internet TV show called Wine Library TV.

He’s also done the same thing in the business world, and now he’s one of the leaders in that space also. The #AskGaryVee Show is his internet TV show where he talks about business, and thousands of entrepreneurs tune in for every episode.

Word has it that a few years ago a guy named Eric Worre hired Gary as a coach.

Gary’s advice to Eric was to create a video every single day.

Eric took the advice and started creating daily videos for his audience in the network marketing industry.

It’s now 5 years later, and Eric has a MASSIVE audience that loves him dearly.

He had over 10,000 people attend his most recent live event.

He also recently had over 100,000 people register for a webinar he did with the one and only Tony Robbins.

Can you imagine that?

It’s crazy.

And his secret is simple:
Daily videos.

And in my opinion, there is NO BETTER way to create, produce, and distribute daily videos than Periscope.

It’s the ULTIMATE tool for content creation.
It’s the ULTIMATE platform for engaging with your audience and creating that ever so important context that Gary talks about.

And that’s why you need to use it.

Equipment List

To get started using periscope, you only need a few things:
  • cell phone
  • mic (optional)
  • tripod (optional)
  • periscope app
  • twitter account
  • something to say (tip: plan out first few periscopes)
Once you have those things, you are good to go.

How To Get Started With Periscope Fast

Step 1:
First you need to locate and download the app to your mobile device.
Note – the image below is what it looks like from my iphone in the iTunes app store. It may look different if you download on a different type of device. If so, just google “how to download periscope on ____” (just fill in the blank with whatever type of device you are downloading the app to)
Download Periscope
Step 2: Open the app on your phone and setup your profile.
Here’s what my profile looks like once setup:
Make Money With Periscope
Step 3: Start a broadcast

Once your profile is setup, it’s time to broadcast.

With the app open, you will see 4 grey icons across the bottom. The third one from the left is the broadcast button.

Click that button and you will see a similar screen as the one below:

Periscope For Business

Once you see this screen, type in a compelling title, and hit the red “Start Broadcast” button to go live.

When you are done with your broadcast, swipe down on your device and tap the “End Broadcast” button.

Your broadcast will automatically be saved for 24 hours.

That’s all it takes to get started with Periscope.

So go ahead and download the app now, and do your first broadcast. (the first one is always the hardest, right?)

And if you want to follow me on Periscope, my username is: justinglover

I do daily shows on there, and if you are following me, you will be notified the next time I go live.

Come say hello.


And if this post was helpful for you, please do me a quick favor and let me know by commenting below and sharing with your friends on social media.

Until next time,

Justin Glover


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