Rising Out From Under: How We’re Finishing 2017 To Be Our Best Year Ever & Want You With Us!

September 4, 2017

Empowering YOU

“OMG what’s up with you guys?  I  miss you!”

I got that message yesterday on Facebook and figured it was perfect timing to actually share with everyone “what’s actually up with us!”

Today is Labor Day 2017 the day to take a break from your labor. However when you work from home it doesn’t make any difference… It just means that kids home for the day

Ironically it’s the perfect time to reflect on the labor that we’ve gone through the past year and a half, because oh my gosh have we had a lot of ups and downs, but they absolutely relate to you and your success for the rest of the year

Honestly 2016 kicked our ass, both personally and professionally and 2017 we spent rebuilding it!

It could take 4 hours explaining some of the lessons and things we went through… but there’s some great stories in there, so I’ll be sprinkling those out to you in the upcoming weeks!

See, if you remember “513” basically stand for ” us lighting up your path to success”, and that’s definitely something we can help you do since we’ve had a lot of success ourselves over the years.

However, our spiritual mentor has also been telling us for years that we can’t really help people as much as we want if we haven’t mastered the skills ourselves…

Well, I think our subconscious took that literally, because over the last year we have probably come across every situation imaginable to deal with whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship wise, money-wise, business related, actually hitting rock-bottom, and learning how to crawl back out, to actually being on the highest we’ve ever had…Honestly it’s been amazing as I reflect back!

And I’m extremely grateful for it all because the lessons I’ve learned

I mean the change that was necessary to go from almost $100,000 in debt, to getting a divorce after 16 years, to rebuilding my family, and now physically have redone my entire house with practically brand new everything inside and out… And then taking this past summer to play with my girls and say yes to every opportunity that came about has been incredible. (I’m sharing my side of things right now, but Justin has an incredible story on his own that you’ll hear in the coming weeks)…

I saw the amazing Arch rock formation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. My girls and I swam in a huge freezing waterfall in the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. I toured Ellis island in New York, and went under the Brooklyn Bridge.  I went to Elvis Presley’s house in Memphis. I went kayaking in northern Michigan with my girls, I swam with dolphins in Florida. My girls and I broke out of an escape room and beat the record time, with Justin’s help in South Caroline… and in 2 days I’m getting Lasik! (A pipe dream I never really thought would come to fruition)

It’s almost like I’m a completely new person, however I’m not.

I’m just a much more confident person that doesn’t second-guess myself anymore and I really live life with my “happiness compass” moving me forward!

So now that you’ve got a tiny bit of a crazy backstory ,which again I definitely have little lessons that will impact you as we move forward, out of the way, the real reason I’m here is because I now have the time to work on our Results 513 business, so you will be seeing emails from us…

Because even though I had so much fun the past few months, one of the coolest things about the last six months is the amount of people Justin I have an able to help at the same time

See, here’s one of the things I learned:

Justin and I know how to make money online. We also definitely know how to help other people make money online.  We can help them get unstuck, help find their breakdowns and really teach them how to grow their marketing campaigns…

What we didn’t know how to do very well is run an effective business model.

There’s a BIG difference between making money, and running an entire business with employees,programmers, affiliates,etc …And now that we’ve made every mistake possible we spent the time to learn how to correct those mistakes so we don’t make them again in the future!

We’ve now spent thousand of dollars learning from the best on this and used a lot of that information we learned to help other businesses grow.

We’ve been consulting for million dollar company in their traffic department, putting the tactics we learned into practice and it’s been working Amazingly. We were able to help them grow from $300,000 a month to $1.4 million a month in the past six months!

And in the process we were able to personally work with hundreds of people coaching them to build their own personal business online, using a system to leverage instead of starting everything from scratch.

That’s always been my mission… to help brand new people who have never worked online, or even owned a business before start to grow their own business.

Some of them are earning between $10k-$30k per month in their first 45 days of working with us using this system.  Yea, that’s completely awesome to say the least!

And that’s how I will wrap up this video today.

We will still continue to help behind the scenes, but now it’s also time to help you! And because there’s 2 of us we can absolutely do both really well!

If you you remember, you know that we don’t promote anything that we personally haven’t had success using, or have a hand in on creating… 

After creating a bunch of that by step training tutorials, and teaching people how to market effectively, we followed our own advice.  We tested out the system on our own using absolutely none of our assets or warm market or any ninja marketing techniques…

Within the second week of following the formula we are teaching our students, we made over $17,000!

And seriously, this was us hiding behind the scenes and not leveraging anything we’ve done in the past.

So if you’re interested in adding high ticket to what you’re currently doing, or if you’re not getting results that you want, I encourage you to opt into our new funnel and check this out HERE.

It’s an opportunity to get some really cool bonus presentations from us from our $5k mastermind we spoke at this summer.  You can work with us directly, and get my personal step-by-step traffic training that is helping thousands of people right now 🙂

Either way, I’m excited to be back (which obviously that’s true since I think I said it in that video above about 8 times lol)

I’d love to hear from you as well!

Comment below, click to opt-in here and we’ll see you on the inside!

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  1. Ranadeb Ray Says:

    Best wishes to you for your eye operation.


  2. Justin Glover Says:

    Wow, just getting around to this post… incredible job Brenda! I’m even more excited about being back now after reading this. 🙂

    More to come from me soon… stay tuned



  3. Wilma Berkley Says:

    So, exciting to have the opportunity and learning about your product. I can tell…awesome project Brenda!


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