R513 137: Live Your Truth With Scott Brandon Hoffman

May 16, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Welcome to another episode of the Results 513 Show.

scott-brandon-hoffmanOur next guest is a Revolutionary Artist, Entertainer, Singer, Songwriter, Coach, Speaker, and Spiritual Visionary committed to Elevating Consciousness, Uncovering Truth, and Finding the Funny.

He specializes in helping people LIVE THEIR TRUTH, find their purpose, express themselves creatively and authentically…

He’s coached, mentored, and trained thousands of people across the globe, and is a trusted adviser to high profile visionaries, entertainers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and celebrities that are making a huge difference in the world.

He’s taken the stage with celebrities like Wayne Brady and other stars from HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central.

He’s a frequent guest on radio and TV shows, a co-author of “The Code” along side multiple authors from the hit movie “the Secret,” and has two new books and a TV show being released in 2016.

Ladies and gentleman turn your earballs up, because today we are talking with the one and only Scott Brandon Hoffman.

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So, with the intro out of the way, let’s dive into today’s episode.

Here are the questions we asked Scott, and a quick summary of his answers:

What is the one thing that you are most grateful for so far on your journey?

Getting to spend the last 8 months with his mom before he died.

His 20+ years of spiritual & personal development work helped him to reframe this challenging time into the thing he as most grateful for… That gift of time with his mom before she passed.

What is your background before you became an entrepreneur?

Dad was entrepreneur his entire life. The rest of the family were doctors, etc… Scotts journey started around the age of 6. He had a photography & painting business, etc.

How did you keep going when things got hard?

realize that money does not = happiness

look within to find out who you really are, and what your soul wants, and then do that… The things that don’t serve you anymore, stop doing them.

How does someone find their passion?

Look for the things that excite them… Excitement is your body’s physical translation to let you know that you are doing things that point to your true north. (aka – your purpose in life)

How do you be authentic?

Quiet the noise. Listen to your heart. Your decisions should be made from the feelings you feel… Don’t only think about it with your mind. Trust your gut… Listen to your intuition.

What are the benefits to living that way? (following your purpose)

“Being fucking happy”

Happiness, joy, feeling more alive, be more in “flow”, more people will be attracted to you and they will want to pay you money.

How do I learn more about this and where can they find more about you?

Check out his website:

Follow Scott on Twitter: @TheEntertainer

Follow Scott on Facebook: @ScottBrandonHoffmanLive

There are some cool things in the works…

If you have questions for Scott, just reach out and ask.

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