How To Do A Simple Periscope Swap And Grow Your Following FASTER

Good email marketers know how to turn email subscribers into money. So for those people, the bigger their list, the more money they make.

Unfortunately, that’s NOT always the case for everyone – Even today, many email marketers are still trying to figure out how to turn a profit from their email list.

But that’s a post for another day… (so if you do NOT consider yourself to be a ‘good’ email marketer, then stay plugged into these blog posts, because I’ll be talking about it in the near future.)

For today though, I want to show you a simple joint venture strategy that you can use to grow your periscope following in record time.

Get More Followers On Periscope

Because if you are doing things right, your periscope broadcasts will naturally funnel people onto your email list… which you can then send to your webinar registration pages, offers, etc…

So the more people who follow you on periscope, the more people will sign up for your email list… and the more people that sign up to your email list… well, you get the idea.

Note: If you are not using periscope, you probably should be. Here’s a recent post I did that explains why.

OK, let’s get to it…

When I first learned about email ad swaps my list grew from 286 people to over 10k subscribers in less than 90 days.

Get More Periscope Followers

I’ll explain what a periscope swap is in a hot minute…
…but in case you are not already familiar with email ad swaps, here’s the quick version of how they work:


Step #1: Find another marketer in your industry with a similar sized email list as you, who also wants to grow their list.
Step #2: Work out the details (decide on a date and time for the swap to take place, and exchange links and information you will need to complete the swap)
Step #3: On the day of the swap, both partners email their list, with the objective of getting their subscribers to visit the other partners landing page and sign up for their email list also.

You can do a similar thing with peri-swaps, and get a similar result.

What Is A Periscope Swap?

A periscope swap is a joint venture arrangement between you and at least one other person…

The act of passing your live audience to someone else’s live broadcast in real time. (just like an email ad swap)

This can also be done to the replay, but that’s a slightly different strategy that I’ll talk about in another post.

Why Periscope Swaps?

Three reasons…

  1. Easy way to get lots of new referred viewers (the best kind of visitors)
  2. Easy way to get more followers
  3. More followers + consistent value = $

3 reasons why

8 Step Process For Doing A Periscope Swap…

There are many different ways in which you can do a swap.  Some can be done on the fly, while others are more elaborate and take careful planning.

The swap process outlined below is for one of the easier (yet most effective) ways to do it.

So if Bob and Sarah want to do a simple periscope swap, here’s what that would look like:

Step #1: Find a swap partner. (this step is already done… Bob reached out to Sarah and asked her if she wants to do a swap. She agreed)

Step #2: Bob and Sarah decide on swap dates.

Step #3: They exchange scope outline, benefits, and bio

Step #4: At the schedule time they agreed on, Bob starts his live broadcast.  He let’s the live audience build up for a few minutes, and begins to prep them for the transition. (swap) Sarah hops on Bob’s live broadcast and gives him the 2 minute warning in the comments. (That’s how Bob knows that Sarah will be live in 2 minutes)

Step #5: Sarah exits Bob’s live broadcast, and starts her own broadcast. The topic of this broadcast has already been discussed with Bob earlier. She spends the first 2 minutes prepping her own audience for what they are about to learn/see/experience on this broadcast.

Step #6: While Sarah is starting her live broadcast and prepping her audience, Bob tells his audience about Sarah, and ’sells’ them on why they need to watch the live broadcast that she is about to do. He then ends his own broadcast and joins Sarah’s live broadcast. Once there, Bob invites all of his periscope followers to watch Sarah’s live broadcast. He also shares her broadcast on Twitter.

Step #7: Once Bob’s followers have shown up to Sarah’s broadcast, it’s up to Sarah to get them to follow her. (I’ll be scoping about exactly how to do this in the near future too, so make sure you are following me on Periscope if you haven’t already: @justinglover)

Step #8: Bob has now delivered his end of the swap, and hopefully Sarah now has a bunch of new followers. Her final step is to return the favor to Bob. This is done at a predetermined scheduled time that Bob and Sarah agreed on before committing to the swap. It could be immediately after, later that day, or the next day at the same time) The process is exactly the same for Sarah.

5 Keys To A Good Periscope Swap…

  1. Both partners must do a proper buildup in order to get the maximum number of live viewers and engagement BEFORE they initiate the ‘swap’
  2. Both partners must give their viewers a compelling reason to join the other person’s broadcast. (if not, they are less likely to make the transition) This is also why it’s important to exchange bio’s and scope benefits ahead of time.
  3. Both broadcasters must be prepared and ready to give a strong CTA for the new viewers to follow them. (practice a head of time and make sure it flows well… don’t just try to wing it) Hint: make sure to tell them who you are and what/when you broadcast.
  4. Both partners must deliver good / relevant / entertaining content. Asking someone to follow you is MUCH more effective AFTER you have proven to them that you are someone worth following.
  5. Effectiveness of the swap can be measured in new followers and or live viewers and or replay viewers. Determine what’s most important for you ahead of time, and make sure you are prepared to track the results of the swap.

How To Maximize Your Swap Results …

(Note: The following list is NOT required, but highly recommended if you are serious about growing your following FAST)

  • Both partners can email their list a link to their swap partners replay.
  • Both partners can post their swap partners link on their other social media platforms.
  • Do a preview scope scope, telling your followers that you have something special for them “tomorrow at 1pm CST” …or whenever you will be doing the swap. (need another reason to follow me on periscope? I’ll be covering the “Anatomy Of A Perfect Preview Scope” in an upcoming episode.)
  • Keep a detailed tracking sheet to keep up with each swap – Go back to the partners that preform best, and look for other ways to JV.

What To Look For When Choosing A Swap Partner…

  • # of followers
  • # of hearts
  • Look at #s for past scopes (don’t judge this one to quickly though – sometimes your swap partner may have plenty of other channels for making it a great swap – aka email list, big following on social, etc)

So that’s the simple periscope swap.

Go out and execute it, and get a whole bunch of new partners.  🙂

Let me know what questions you have about this process in the comments below.

Also, if you are interested in doing a swap with myself or Brenda, just reach out and let us know.

Happy scope-swapping!


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  1. WildWes Says:

    GENIUS, as usual 🙂


  2. Shiffon Says:

    Great value as always


  3. Ken Pickard Says:


    That’s the goods right there! Perfect way for people to help people and both receive the win win. I like the idea of the preview scope as well. Doing a little pre-game warm up is the perfect way to ‘prime the pump’ as it were. Say 15 minutes before the main event.

    Then while on the main event each person not only promotes the other, gives value on their scopes…but then closes with a quick follow up scope.

    The three scope swap is how we’ve done our team support ‘Peri-go-rounds.’

    The warm up…quick and easy here’s what’s coming up, maybe 10 minute scope.

    The main event..Good quality build up, welcome new members and high engagement, maybe 20-30 minutes scope.

    The the follow up scope. Right after both scopes have ended…within 5-10 minutes…do a end of scope swap scope. This is to stay in front of brand new followers you just received. a ‘thank you and welcome’ kind of scope. Plus a little extra bonus only for those who just joined.



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