We’re Starting Over In Life And Business…

There comes a time in your life where you stop reacting and start making decisive decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

And that time is right now for us here at Results 513

I’m writing this post to let you know about a few changes that are happening with us are going to impact you tremendously over the next few months if you stick around for the journey…

These changes have been a long time coming, and if you’ve been following us for awhile and were ever wondering what we’ve been up to since we’ve been a lot quieter than we used to – we’ve been up to HUGE things – both personally and in business.

Both Justin and I have gone through massive life shits (lol I’m going to keep that typo because some of these shifts were shits lol) the past year…

We even shut down our business for awhile


It’s very hard to effectively help people succeed, when you are having trouble helping yourself.

Let me explain…

This entrepreneurial journey will challenge every single belief you have in yourself and in others.There’s nothing else in this world that will put you on display and give you the ability to doubt yourself like entrepreneurship does.

Entrepreneurs literally create something from nothing.


That’s incredibly awesome, and can also be incredibly scary at the same time.

Our mind is designed to keep us safe and in our comfort zone, (think caveman brain) so when we decide to push those innate thoughts to the side, and purposely do things that push us out of our comfort zone… our minds do whatever they can to try to pull us back in to “safety”.

It takes a special and determined person to have the self awareness to see that happening inside themselves, and continue pushing on anyway.Yet no matter how self-aware you may be, it’s extremely hard to see some things when you’re directly inside of it, and it’s going on all around you…

Our brains also have a tremendous ability to protect us from pain, so it will create stories or make up justifications to help us process things that are happening to us – basically a self preservation mechanism.  Unfortunately, this can keep us in situations that are not healthy for us longer than we want because we don’t really recognize what’s actually happening.

Think about the movie The Matrix…(If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s a must watch for anyone who’s on their success journey.  Yes it’s violent, but look at the message, not the fighting) 

Neo knows there’s something wrong, but has no idea what it is.  It’s not until he’s shown the true reality of the world he is living in, where he discovers who he really is, and how long he’s been in the dark about thinks he thought was real.

And unfortunately, or thankfully (depending on my mood that day) this is exactly what I’ve been going through for years.  However I was finally woken up 6 months ago, and I eventually broke free.  Now my life is going to be completely different in every way it can be.  It took months, and I’m still now where I want to be, but today will be a BIG factor in letting me move on…

I’m not going into details now, but I did share my story in a video a few weeks back on Facebook and it went viral and had over 2 k views in the first 24 hours.  I put the video below this post so you can watch it right here.

I had no idea how much my story would impact people, but the response was overwhelming to say the least.

The personal messages I received showed me that EVERYONE is dealing with something, and many people do not have the tools to help them move past their limiting beliefs, or break free from a life they feel like a prisoner in…

And even though Justin and I had already decided to change the direction of our business (once again), the events that have transpired in just the last month have fully solidified that this is my life’s purpose and why I have gone through what I’ve gone through… So I can appreciate what people are REALLY going through and help them move past it to finally achieve the success they want.

See, there’s one thing Justin and I have both learned over the past 3 years as we’ve coached thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs…

It doesn’t matter how many times we teach internet marketing strategies, funnel conversions, sales techniques, lead generation and wealth creation…

If a person doesn’t have the full belief that they are worthy of this life they dream of, or they have limiting beliefs hanging out from past stories running in their head… They will NEVER succeed no matter how much they try. Yes, they will take steps forward, but they will struggle along the way and eventually fall.

It’s like God’s little test…

– Do you really want this new life?

– Are you willing to prove it?

– Will you quit when it gets hard and blame others, or will
you find the void in yourself that is creating the issues and
get the help you need to push through and succeed?

That’s why the failure rate is to high in this industry…

It’s not because it’s complicated or too hard.

It’s because people aren’t willing (or don’t know how) to go in the dark places where their true fear lies and pull them out and deal with them

And That’s Where WE COME IN NOW…

The people who ARE willing to go there, but just don’t have the tools or understanding on how to do it.  Those are the people we are now helping

We have the tools and strategies that will help you:

  • Find your hidden beliefs
  • Work through issues that happen on a daily basis
  • Switch to proactive methods
  • Completely stop reacting
  • Change your physical and mental state

And when you learn these strategies and have the tools in hand, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how fast things start to change in your life! It’s incredible and absolutely changes the way you view people and life.

Yes will are still amazing at internet marketing, and yes we’ll continue to give you wealth creation strategies and give you the help you’ll need growing your business in the coming months… But we will also start giving you the “REAL” tools you’ll need for wealth creation and how to actually achieve the goals you want and REALLY live the life of your dreams.

The video I mentioned above has helped so many people and I’ve been told that it’s the best thing I have ever created…

So if you haven’t been able to reach the level of success you want in the past year, there’s something holding you back… and by me sharing this story with you, there’s a good chance it might help you figure it out.  (or heck, maybe you’re just nosy – that’s ok too!).  I’d love for you to comment if you feel this has helped you in any way. Just click the little “f” in lower right hand corner and it will take you directly to Facebook so you can leave your comment and share.

We have a brand new video training that will help you if you are feeling that you aren’t living up to your potential.  This training  will help you understand why, and what steps you can take to start achieving your dreams today – whatever they are in life or business!

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2 Responses to “We’re Starting Over In Life And Business…”

  1. ShiffonShiffon Says:

    Wow this was very powerful I’m not married Brenda but this totally applies to a few specific experiences I have had in life and experiencing now. This doesn’t matter if you are married or not. You must learn in life that abuse is abuse whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual or psychological abuse. I can say honestly. I’m learning the same lesson about not tolerating things and settling for things I feel are not benefiting me. I’m learning to be empowered to stand up for myself in whatever the situation is.

    i want to thank you for sharing and being so open with us. I want to say though I’m not married. We all go through seasons in life what require deep change and decision making, courage, and being gentle with yourself. during these times of change. so I encourage you to allow the season of change in your life. And be okay with the ups and downs. And most important keep your inner circle support around you to help you through some of some of the dark moments and you will.

    but the great thing about this is you are going to be more empowered than you ever thought you could be . You will be able to help so much more folks in a deeper way. And you will be able to in any relationship through this experience know exactly who is best for you.


  2. Melvin Ores Says:

    Only a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding design .


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