R513 133: Insights From Our Interview With Sumbul Tsang

May 12, 2016

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Welcome to another episode of The Results 513 Show.

In this episode we talk share our insights into our interview with Sumbul Tsang.

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This was an inspirational interview, it was different as we were talking to someone who’s at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

As Sumbul started to explain her story it really resonated with Brenda because it was her story. Female entrepreneurs with kids go through a similar story and not enough of these stories are shared.

Sumbul shared she had no idea what she needed to do but she was open to learning and was willing to start the journey

Her inspiration was her daughter that she wanted to be a role model for her daughter. And her father was always there while she was growing up and it was because he was entrepreneur.

Sumbul realized that she couldn’t juggle everything to start a new business. So she quit her job. She did three great  things:

  1. She had the courage to quit her job
  2. She gave herself two weeks to think about it
  3. She faced her biggest fears and overcame it. She didn’t let her fears hold her back.

She went full on but she was also systematic in doing it.

Sometimes our limiting beliefs can be crippling. Sumbul faced her fears and embraced it.

She started learning. She educated herself first. Sometimes you can overwhelm yourself if you don’t learn first.
Sumbul found people and mentors that resonated with her. She bought their stuff but didn’t just buy it as a consumer but as a student. She took action and took specific steps.

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