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May 9, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Welcome to another episode of the Results 513 Show.

sumbul-tsangToday’s guest is the creator and host of the Start Anew Show which inspires & empowers people to start a new dream. After 12 years in a lucrative career in IT, she has embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture in her quest for freedom & fulfillment.

She brings a very unique perspective to the show because she has only recently started her entrepreneurial journey…

You’ll hear about her decision to walk away from her corporate job, as well as the specific steps she took in the very beginning.

Regardless if you are just starting your journey as an entrepreneur, or if you have been an entrepreneur for decades, this interview will prove to be valuable for you… enjoy!

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So, with the intro out of the way, let’s dive into today’s episode.

Here are the questions we asked Sumbul Tsang, and a quick summary of her answers:

If you had to pick just ONE thing you are THANKFUL for along your journey…what or who, would that be?

Thats easy. First and foremost it’s God that I’m most grateful for. After God, I’m most grateful for my dad. He’s been my mentor, my pillar of strength my whole life. He taught me to be a person of integrity and to have a spirit of gratitude. It’s because of his encouragement that I have so much self esteem and confidence.

What inspired your jump into entrepreneurship.

To give you some context – I was your typical asian kid and a downright nerd. I did really well.  But to be honest with you I wasn’t exactly on cloud 9. By the age of 30 I found the inextricable joy of motherhood but also a deep dissatisfaction with my contribution in life.

During my maternity leave a moment hit me hard. I started staying at this picture of a beach from one of our last holidays. There’s this explosion of thoughts that happened in my mind.

The biggest thought was ‘Is this it? Have I done everything I wanted to do?

I wasn’t happy with any of the answers. I wanted to be an example to my daughter of following your dreams.

What pushed you a little bit further to start this journey?

I had a lot going on with my life at the time. But I couldn’t forget about this idea. I was determined to change but I didn’t know what it would be. But I became clear on my values and what I wanted to get out of life.

The things I really wanted were Freedom, fulfillment and mastery. I realized a job couldn’t give it to me. My father was an entrepreneur my whole life but I never considered it was for me.

I started to reflect why was my father able to be at every event important to me growing up? It was because he worked for himself! He gave himself the flexibility to prioritize his day. Whereas I was spending there hours everyday commuting to work and back.

When I had my last  career coaching session I eventually decided to start something.

What was your father’s message to you?

My father was very traditionalist but he instilled in me to be independent. In 2000 IT was undergoing a big boom and it looked very secure. So I went into IT for 12 years. But I wasn’t happy.

What were your first steps?

I was listening to a lot of podcasts in the beginning like John Lee Dumas. I started learning about the online world. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income that really got my creative juices going.

Very early on I knew it was going to be an online informational business. My first introduction to this world was via Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Workweek. I studied everyone’s business systems and process. It was a gradual process.

Was the podcasting where you took your first step?

Yes podcasting was my first step. I knew I had to re-introduce myself into the world with a new vision and a new purpose. I loved talking and meeting new people, even if its virtual, I just felt like this would be fun to do.

I thought what would I have to lose? I faced and embraced my fear. It might depress me but it won’t scare me!

Tell us about your podcast and how you started with it

That was relatively easy. I had been following John Lee Dumas and I had joined his Podcasters Paradise community and it was all explained in his training.

I started figuring out my topic, who my niche and avatar are, their pain points and desire etc. I followed Marie Forleo and I got myself a mentor who accelerated my learning.

Take us through your typical day?

I intentionally decided I didn’t want to juggle work, baby and a side entrepreneurial job. And I didn’t want to take forever setting up my business. I had saved money and I had enough money to live off, my husband works full time and my daughter has settled. So it seemed like it was the right time to task action since she was born.

We discussed it with my husband and he was very supportive he was like ‘Go for it!’

I then thought about it for 2 weeks and assess my pros and cons and within a month I had resigned.

Tell us what’s the podcast Starting Anew is like and what’s your vision for the podcast?

The podcast is about starting a new dream or purpose/ vision in life.

In the first season of this podcast I’m focussing on about starting a new career or business. I do Strategy Saturdays where I give bite-sized lessons on how to get a new purpose in life. And also we do inspiring interview with everyday people who share inspiring stories of how they invented their lives and careers.

One of the best interviews was with this guy called Justin Glover of Results513!

What would be your best advice for somebody who’s just getting started?

Dare to dream. That’s my philosophy in life.

Allow yourself your dream. then find the courage to chase those dreams. You can break those dreams down into achievable goals.

Where can our listeners go to learn more about you?

Please go to

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