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The Results 513 Show, Episode 079: Freedom Journal Progress Report

March 19, 2016



Wait, before we get into the show, make sure you have done the following: Click the buttons above to listen & subscribe to this podcast. Click here for something cool Now let’s get into the show… Freedom Journal Progress Report Last time I talked about the freedom journal was back in episode 19. The title […]

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The Results 513 Show, Episode 019: Get 3 Months Worth Of Work Done In 25 Days

January 19, 2016



Hopefully me sharing this will inspire you, motivate you, and get you even more excited about setting and accomplishing your #1 goal than ever before…. In Episode 004 of The Results 513 show, I introduced you to my “secret weapon” for setting and accomplishing my goals this year: The Freedom Journal. The Freedom Journal is […]

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