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The Results 513 Show, Episode 061: The Ultimate Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs

March 1, 2016



For episode 61 we are going to do something a bit different… Something kinda special. We’ve put together a brand new 4 part content series, called … “The 3 P’s For Business Domination” (How To Turn Your Business Into A Triple Threat) This is Part 1 of a 4-part series on the 3 P’s of […]

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The Results 513 Show, Episode 056: Mark Hoverson – #513Insights

February 25, 2016



Earlier this week… …In episode 53, we released our interview with good friend, and first ever return guest on the #513Show, Mark Hoverson. And today, Brenda and I are back in front of the camera to talk ABOUT that interview. We’re going to break it down question by question, and talk about our own personal […]

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The Results 513 Show, Episode 053: Interview: Mark Hoverson

February 22, 2016



Mark started his business at the public library because he couldn’t afford internet service, and just a few years later he has co generated over $20M online. He lives with his wife and 4 rambunctious children in AZ in winters, and Dakota in the summers. His podcast, is a favorite of ours, and you can […]

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The Results 513 Show, Episode 018: Mark Hoverson on Entrepreneurial Parenting

January 18, 2016



In this episode I talk entrepreneurial parenting with a good friend, mentor, teacher, parent, and father of 4 amazing children. Mark is also a very successful entrepreneur… His businesses have done over $20 Million in sales on the internet. Here are 5 quick facts about Mark that I swiped from his website. ( About Mark […]

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