Taking The Plunge: Why I Jumped Out Of An Airplane This Weekend!

I had NO intention of jumping out of an airplane this past weekend… But when I was asked the question:

Hey would you like to go too – we’ll  pay for it!

I thought to myself: “Heck Yeah I do!

I thought this would be the most terrifying thing I’d ever do in life!

I mean seriously, jumping out of a plane at 14,000ft isn’t something you’d normally do right?

But even as the door to the plane opened up next to me, and the rush of freezing wind blasted my face…I wasn’t even nervous! 

How could that be?  I’m terrified of heights!

Why aren’t I freaking out like the guy next to me?”

Well, it wasn’t until I was safely on the ground, that I realized why.  Let me explain…

I’ve gone through so many life changes, setbacks, and hurdles this past year, that jumping out of a plane actually didn’t feel like a big deal. (crazy right!?)

But after having a a major business setback earlier this year, having relationship issues and ending a 16 year marriage, and trying staying strong so my girls felt safe and happy, it’s been a lot to take at times.

BUT –  there was ONE thing that has been a constant source of happiness and joy through this entire crazy year…

and that’s living out my purpose of helping people change their life!

No matter what was going on in my personal life, I love empowering people to take steps to achieve their dreams!

I’m so thankful I have the ability to teach people how to use the internet to build a business and eventually quit their jobs – (and I’m not gonna lie – the amazing income that comes to me just for helping them, is fantastic!)

We’ve done a lot of things here at Results 513, but this one specific thing has always been near and dear to my heart over the years:

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I’ve been helping people earn income online for over 6 years now, and right now I want to show you the EXACT same 3 step process that allowed me to hit my first 6 figures while working just a few hours a day, as I stayed home with my 3 little girls…

And OMG, it’s A LOT easier now than it was back then, to have success right away!

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I will show you how simple and fast you can get setup… and I’ll share with you why so many people are having success with this (who are BRAND NEW to the internet) and I even show you how I was able to make $7k during the entire week I never opened up my laptop.

I’m so thankful I found this opportunity 6 years ago because it has changed my life… and most recently it’s what allowed me to earn income completely on the side, while I was getting my life back on track.

See, this wasn’t just a jump out of an airplane last weekend… It was a jump into a new life for me- literally and figuratively, and I’d love for you to join me on this journey!

Register now and see how we make $3k in 30 mins on the side of what we do now, and how you can copy EXACLY what we do for yourself!

If you’d like to see the entire skydiving video…Check it out below!  Enjoy!



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  1. Ryan K Says:

    Nice one Brenda.

    Not sure I will ever do this, but always wanted to…

    Quite the conundrum!


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