The Results 513 Show, Episode 092: The 5 Business GAME CHANGERS (Lesson 3 of 5)

April 1, 2016

The Results 513 Show


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When it comes to business, I believe there are 5 main lessons that every successful entrepreneur MUST understand.

This is Lesson 3 of 5. It’s simple, but VERY powerful… so, don’t let it fool you. (Lesson 1 of 5 is Episode 78 and Lesson 2 of 5 is Episode 85).

Here’s the short story…

I was recently interviewed for the Fearless and Healthy Podcast.

But during that interview, Ian (the host of the show) asked me a few questions that got me thinking…

Specifically, this question got me thinking the most…

“If you could go back in time knowing what you know now about business, what advice would you give your younger self?”

And, although, I can’t remember exactly how I worded it, it was something like this…

“Fail as fast as you can.”

It’s within those times of failure, that you learn the true lessons that shape the rest of your life.

I thought about it more after the interview was over, and I was reminded about a blog post I wrote a while back on a similar topic. It was a pretty epic post, (I’ll link back to it in the Takeaway section of this episode).

…as I read back through it, I remembered how powerful these lessons were. I was inspired to start a 5 part series, covering those 5 lessons in detail right here on the Results 513 Show.

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Or… if you prefer video, you can watch the video version of this complete training below… (Warning: My video editing skills are still kind of lame – so, the video is not much different from the audio — but the content is still good. This will get better in time…promise.)

Lesson #3: Stop Being Reactive

The third lesson is extremely important, because it prevents many entrepreneurs from ever stepping into their full potential… and most of them don’t even have a clue that it’s happening.

The M.A.R.M.

In order for me to explain the concept of “reactive” vs “proactive,” you need to first understand (and accept) the fact that your mind is very powerful. It has the ability to automatically search your subconscious mind and recall the information you need when you need / request it.

lifting with google weightsIt’s like Google on steroids.

Here’s proof: What was your kindergarten teacher’s name?

The answer just seems to spring out of nowhere. From deep within your subconscious mind, with all the resources you possess, the answer to that question was identified, brought to the surface, and given to you, all within a fraction of a second.

This is one of the most powerful mechanics of your mind.

It’s called the Mind’s Automatic Recall Machine, or MARM, for short. I learned about this powerful part of my mind in a course called Alpha Influence. In fact, that’s where much of what I am teaching you now originated from. It’s a great course, and I believe that every entrepreneur needs to go through it quarterly.

I’ll talk more about the MARM in future posts, but, for now, just know that mastering this part of your mind will be one of the best decisions you ever make. (It has been for me and countless others).

Point blank: Your ability to control your MARM will allow you to make your wildest dreams come true… literally.

The Problem With Your MARM

The problem with your MARM is that it is unable to discern the difference between good and not so good. So when you need/request something from your unconscious mind, your MARM will sometimes bring up old fears, limiting beliefs, or unwanted resources from the past – that don’t serve you today.

That’s when you have the opportunity to be either reactive or proactive (which will be the next 2 big lessons that I want to talk about right now). 

Proactive vs Reactive First, let’s talk about what it looks like to be reactive…

When you are reactive, you are a slave to everything around you.

Most people are reactive and do not have control over their mind.

They think they do, but they do not.

Most people’s “default” response in life, is set to negative. Is yours? If so, that’s OK… I’m about to show you how to change that.

For some people, it takes years of hard work and effort to switch their automatic response from negative to positive… For others, it takes just a split second. It’s really just a decision.

What to do when shit hits the fan.

Growing up, there was this saying that I always thought was funny… “When shit hits the fan.” That was our version of “Houston, we have a problem.” It meant things were not going well AT ALL.

So, let me ask you a question…

What do YOU focus on when shit hits the fan?

  • Do you focus on the problem itself, and how bad it is, or how tired you are of dealing with it?
  • Do you focus on the limitations? Why you’re not good enough or why you don’t have everything you need in order to be successful?
  • Do you focus on the fears? What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m NOT good enough?

When you focus on the bad, your MARM will look for other problems, challenges, limitations, etc. It will amplify the problem, challenge, or limitation… making things worse.

Here are a few tips to help you make the switch from reactive to proactive:

First, you need to identify the negative thoughts as they occur.

You do this by being self aware. The more aware you are, the easier it is to step into your full potential. I’ll talk about this more when we get to Lesson #5. For now, ponder this awesome quote…

What I do when I walk in a roomI used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… Now, I look around and wonder if I like them.”

I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… Now, I look around and…


So, like I said… The first step is to “catch” the negative thoughts and patterns as you see them occur.

Make a mental note of them… Or, better yet, write them down.

This is called being proactive. I’ll expand more on this in the next lesson.

For now, there is still one more step you need to take.

If you agree with what I’ve said up until this point, and you are ready to make a change in your mindset once and for all… it’s as simple as answering YES to the following question:

I recommend answering YES out loud.

Are you ready for the question?

Okay, here it is…

Question:  Are you ready for… God / the Universe / your Higher Self (whatever term you chose to use here is fine)… to reveal to you any negative patterns, thoughts, or things that you may be doing (consciously or unconsciously) that are holding you back, and preventing you from achieving all that you were meant to achieve?

YES or NO?

Answer out loud, and re-read the question in the affirmative. (i.e., “YES, I am ready for God to reveal to me…”)

It’s as simple as that…

Your next step is to continue reading this post.

By consciously answering YES to that question, here’s what you can expect…

You’re going to start noticing a lot more negative stuff coming up on a daily basis. Perhaps even many times per day on some days. This is normal.

Here’s how to handle that negative stuff as it comes up (and get rid of it once and for all)…

First things first… When you first notice that things are going in the wrong direction, STOP and take a few deep breaths. Calm down. Center yourself. Be in the moment.

If you want to SOARRealize and acknowledge that this negative feeling is a part of you… You love yourself, don’t you? Of course you do. You wouldn’t decide one day to cut off one of your limbs, or take out one of your organs just because, would you? Of course not!

So, show yourself some love when things start to go bad… Take control of your mind. Don’t go down that road. Breathe. Stay calm.

The negativity that comes to the surface is just a part of you that is ready to be healed. By answering YES to the question earlier, you asked to be made aware of the negativity, and here it is… Ask and you shall receive.

But there is still one step left that you must take in order for this to work best. And that is: you must release the negative thought, limiting belief, pattern, or story. Let it go. It doesn’t serve you.

Letting the bad stuff go.

So, now that you are aware of the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and patterns that are no longer serving you, the next step is to let them go.

To do that, simply take a few deep breaths, and answer the following questions out loud (or in your head)…

  • Can I release it?
  • Will I release it?
  • When will I release it?

Then release it into the light.

Actually, close your eyes and visualize releasing this limiting thought, belief, or pattern into a massive white light.

I avoided this for a while, but the first time I finally did this, it was amazing! I felt an awesome cleansing/refreshed feeling throughout my entire being. The kind of feeling you have after a really good cry or a really exhilarating workout. That feeling like you can do anything.

Healing - A Release from FearThat’s the way it felt for me… It may feel the same or totally different for you.

Also, I was by myself with my eyes closed and I held my hands up in the air as I “released” this negativity into the light. So, if you feel compelled to move your body in any way during this process, that’s totally fine. Nobody is there to judge you. 😉

One final idea …

Keep track of how many negative thoughts you catch and fix during the day.

This is a good exercise to do if you don’t feel like you are making progress fast enough.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of Lesson 3. You now have what you need to start training your MARM and being less reactive. In Lesson 4, we will discuss what you need to focus on to be more proactive.


  • Follow the 3-step process covered in this episode to retrain your MARM so you can stop being reactive.
  • Read the original post on this topic here.
  • Tune into the #513Show tomorrow where we will be discussing the 5 Things Every Website MUST Have.

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