The Results 513 Show, Episode 061: The Ultimate Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs

March 1, 2016

The Results 513 Show


For episode 61 we are going to do something a bit different…

Something kinda special.

We’ve put together a brand new 4 part content series, called …

“The 3 P’s For Business Domination”
(How To Turn Your Business Into A Triple Threat)

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series on the 3 P’s of business domination:

  • Part 1 – [You Are Here] – The Ultimate Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs…
  • Part 2 – How To Create A Windfall Of Sales In Your Business
  • Part 3 – Product Creation, Sales Strategy, & Info Domination
  • Part 4This will be recorded LIVE – Click here to register

Here’s the part 1 training…

3 Part Training Blitz Reveals:
"The 5 Captivating 'Behind-The-Scenes' Secrets You MUST Know To Build Your Own Invisible Empire!"

Be sure to listen to the complete audio version of this episode by clicking the play button at the top of this post.

Or… if you prefer video, you can watch the video version of this complete training below. (disclaimer: my video editing skills are lame… so it’s not much different than the audio – in time, this will get better… promise)

How To Eliminate YEARS Of procrastination in a single day…

It’s called the Million Dollar Day.

Below is the 5 step process we talked about in the audio and video version of this training. (hint: I HIGHLY recommend going through the entire MDD training. To learn how you can get that training for FREE just show up to the live webinar we are doing soon – click here and get registered now)

Here are the 5 steps…

1 – Make a list of  everything you’ve been procrastinating on.

2 – Beside each item on your list, write down how long you have been procrastinating on that item.

3 – Do the entire list in one day

4 – Tally up how many years of procrastination you killed in one day.

5 – Schedule your next million dollar day when needed.

That’s it!

Doing this will free up so much mental bandwidth for you… (You’ll learn how to focus that extra energy to create “profit spikes” in part 2 of this free content series.)

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