How To Triple Your Traffic Online – and Save Time!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.12.55 AMTriple your traffic online, AND save time doing it…Is that possible?

Sounds great at first glance, but I’m sure you also might be wondering “if it’s going to save me time AND get triple my traffic, then how much it’s going to cost me?” Am I right?

Well, what if I also mention – “it won’t cost you any more money than you’re spending right now

Would THAT interest you?

I would assume it would if you’re running a business online, since the goal is to get leads and turn them into sales… and we all know you can’t do that without online traffic!

Saving time and being able to triple your traffic is the basis of a new video course called “Traffic Leverage” that we here at Results 513 have created. It will show you exactly how to do this in detail, so if you want to skip reading the basis here, you can grab it right now for a simple $5.13 price tag.

But feel free to stick around for a few more minutes while I explain this simple process that I personally used when I got started online to build my 6 figure business, with just a few hours a day while my girls were in preschool.

The first step to triple your traffic AND save yourself time each week…
is to first know what your desired goal is.

You have to have something to shoot for otherwise you’re either gonna miss your mark, or fly past it and have no idea if your efforts have paid off, or not.

That being said – what does “Triple your traffic” mean to you?

If you’re brand new, that might mean just getting 3 leads a day because at this point, you’re not generating leads at all. Or maybe you’re generating leads, but they’re sporadic and you aren’t even sure where they are coming from. what-is-your-goal

Define what “triple your traffic” means to you. It could also mean you are going to take your 40 leads a day and turn them into 120 a day. Whatever your desired number is – figure it out now… How many leads do you want to CONSISTENTLY get each day.

Now, ideally, you want to know how many leads it will take you to earn a sale, so you can actually plan your income each week, but that’s getting out of the scope of this ‘online traffic and saving time’ blog post. (Results 513 goes into a lot of detail on this if,  you want to learn more about sales and conversions)

Once you have your desired number of leads you want to earn each day, you need to figure out one more thing before you can triple your traffic…. Do you have a website that is setup to capture leads?

Seems like a basic question, but many people start sending traffic to the website they were given when they got started, and it’s a great informative site with lots of info – BUT if you aren’t capturing leads on your website and following up with them through email, then that is your first priority before sending traffic to your site! (Again, Results 513 will show you how to do all this)

So back to traffic – here you are – you have a capture page, you know how many leads you want each day, now it’s time to get to work so you can triple your traffic to your site and get leads! Sound good?!

save timeThe entire concept of being able to triple your traffic is to leverage your marketing. Basically this means, if you want more visitors to your site (so you can get leads and turn them into sales) then you need to create more opportunities for them to see your offer. This means creating more content on the web.

Now, wait” you say – creating more content doesn’t sound like it’s saving me time, that sound like it will take a lot more of time?!

I promise you, that’s not the case. It’s all explained in detail for you in the “J12 Method”, which is available to you for free in our “Triple Your Traffic Cheat Sheet” that you can grab HERE.

The general idea here is that you create one main piece of content (say a blog post). Then you take that 1 piece of content and leverage the heck out of it. Re-purposing it all over the web in different formats.

When you think about it – creating content can sometimes be hard because it takes time to research what you’re going to talk about, what to include, and taking the time to formulate it into a great piece of content someone will value.

So when you take the time to do that process only once instead of 3 times a week, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time.  Think about it –  after you have 1 staple piece of content, then you can take half the time to change up the medium in which you disperse the content (like the 12 ways we show you with the J12 Method) and poof – you’ve got 3 times more content on the web, with triple the traffic coming to your site, with less time and effort to create brand new pieces of content.banner2

It’s a lot easier than you think to triple your traffic using this method, and saves you A LOT of time in the process.

It’s also the exact process I used when I only had 2 hours 3 days a week to build my online business when I first started and didn’t have money for paid ads…. and it’s all explained to you in detail in our free cheat sheet called Triple Your Traffic.

Using this method will not only triple your traffic, but it will save you about 2 hours a week when you leverage your ideas into different mediums across the web…Download it now right here, and let me know how it works for you!

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