R513 138: What’s The Right Cost Per Lead?

May 17, 2016

The Results 513 Show


Welcome to another episode of #Ask513.


Welcome to episode #138 of The Results 513 Show.

In this episode we answer one of our listeners questions.

Darren asks… “I just got my funnel built where I give away a free video, and then offer the full video series as part of a $27 paid product. I’m setting up my facebook ads now to start driving traffic to this funnel and I’m wondering what I should be spending per lead with my paid marketing?”

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Initial thoughts

Trying to get an idea of what you should be spending is a great idea. Being specific and particular at your strategy is a good course of action. However at the end of the day Cost Per Lead as a number isn’t that important.

The more important to know is what does it cost me in advertising dollars to get somebody to buy?

As long as you’re looking at the cost per sale and you’re  spending less than you make per sale i.e It cost you $1000 to make an $1100 sale or $1000 to make a $3000 sale etc Then you’re going good.

You don’t want to be spending anymore than $27 to make a sale.

Note: Since this is a $27 there’s going to be some testing when it comes to you message. You have to be okay in the beginning to be spending a lot more per lead, though occasionally you may hit it out of the park.

What’s more important is knowing what is your customer value over the long term? Do you have a $500 product or higher? Some people have a $40 on a $27 product and are willing to spend much more on the front more to make the money back on the back end. Is your funnel built out deep?

For example:

If you’re spending $2 per lead with a $30 ad spend then to break even on a $30 product one of your 15 leads needs to buy.

Some people are willing to break even or spend more because they know they will make money on the back end.

Tip: If you’re finding that your cost per lead i.e $10 per lead. Then look at the congruency of your ad and your message. that will affect your conversion rates.

Take Action…

  • Make sure your ads and website message are congruent
  • Ideally create a bigger back end to your business
  • Jot down at least ONE thing that you are committed to implementing in your business.
  • Keep tuning into the Results 513 Show daily and let’s make it happen together.
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